Farris T. Johnson, MD

  • AU/UGA Medical Partnership

    Assistant Professor of Medicine

Farris Johnson, MD is an Athens native with 34 years of active medical practice and eight years of military experience. His medical practice has included Flight Medicine, Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, and Addiction Medicine.


1973 BS Morehouse College
1977 MD University of Pittsburgh

Academic Appointments

2010 - Present Assistant Professor

More About Farris Johnson

The son of college educated parents, themselves educators, higher education was assumed. In fourth grade Johnson decided on a career in medicine.  His career has included eight years in the United States Air Force as a Family Physician, Flight Surgeon and department head. In civilian life, Johnson practiced as an Emergency Medicine Physician, had a private-solo practice, and was a large group practice medical director. Johnson has also been a community volunteer in health care and has practiced four years in academic medicine. Johnson is a parent, grandparent, son, husband, and church member. He works to be grateful for all the things he has and wishes for little. 

  • Expertise & Interests

    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Addiction
    • Spirituality
  • Research Interests

    Johnson is very interested in the origin of disease as pertains to previous adaptations, which are no longer needed and now cause disease-sickle cell, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension  in certain populations.  Johnson is also interested in the behavior and psychological/psychiatric disorders and their sociological implications.

  • Affiliations

    • AAFP
    • Phi Beta Kappa
    • Alpha Phi Alpha