Brandon Bringuel

Expected Graduation year: 2016
Hometown: Newnan, Georgia


University of Georgia, Microbiology

Of Note

Hope Scholar
Summa Cum Laude

Why did you decide to pursue your M.D.?

In medicine, you have the ability to truly make a direct difference in people's lives, often when they are at their lowest points in life.

What did you think about the transition from undergrad to medical school? Any tips for prospective students?

They did a great job easing us into medical school with the first module's curriculum. My only advice would be to try and master good study habits before medical school and make time for the things you enjoy in life during medical school.

What is the best part of medical school (so far)?

The whole experience in general. Of course it is tough and requires work, but the students, faculty, and city are all amazing. It truly is a one of a kind experience.