Joey Krakowiak

Expected Graduation year: 2016
Hometown: Powder Springs, Georgia


Emory University, Bachelor of Science- Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Of Note

  • High School Valedictorian at South Cobb High School
  • Summa Cum Laude at Emory University
  • Gold medal in the lightweight 4+ at the Southeast Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championship Regatta in 2009
  • Bronze medal in the heavyweight 4+ at the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) Championship Regatta in 2010
  • Excellence in Teaching Award at Maplewood High School (2011-2012)
  • National Medical Fellows-Primary Care Leadership Program Scholar (2013)
  • Class of 2016 SGO President, AU/UGA Medical Partnership (2012-2016)
What is the best part of medical school (so far)?

Finally interacting with patients in a meaningful way! We may not be impacting their medical care directly as students, but we can learn from them and we can spend time with them, which may be just as important as the medical treatment in some cases. Even as a first-year medical student at the Partnership, you have the opportunity to interact with patients (both pretend and real).