Arjun Kumar

Expected Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Lilburn, Georgia


Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering

Of Note

Graduated with Highest Honors Class of 2010

Why did you choose to attend the GRU/UGA Medical Partnership?

I chose the AU/UGA Medical Partnership because I loved the idea of "Small Group Learning" as well as the smaller class sizes in general. At Georgia Tech, I did not have the luxury of having smaller classes until my final semester for design classes, and I really enjoyed that environment that focused more on learning holistically versus learning in order to simply pass exams. I am very pleased with the layout presented by the AU/UGA Medical Partnership, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is thinking about pursuing a career in medicine.

What did you think about the transition from undergrad to medical school? Any tips for prospective students?

I had four years of transition between undergrad to medical school while I worked as a software consultant. Through work, I was able to hone my time management and organization skills, which really helped making the transition easier. Medical school requires a lot of time, patience, and mental endurance due to the volume of information, whereas undergrad required more mental strength to power through concepts the first time around. Time management skills are very important in medical school.