Grace Yaguchi

Expected Graduation year: 2016
Hometown: Naperville, Illinois


University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science - General Engineering

Of Note

University of Georgia Blue Key (2014)

Why did you decide to pursue your M.D.?

Going to medical school was in the back of my mind during college, but I didn't think I was motivated or smart enough to go through the additional schooling. I got a job after graduation and discovered that real people go to medical school and become doctors. I discovered I still wanted to be a doctor, probably more than when I was 22.

What did you think about the transition from undergrad to medical school? Any tips for prospective students?

I thought the transition from work to medical school would be difficult, and I was right. My memories of undergrad were tainted by nostalgia, and I forgot how tiring classes and studying could be. It did take me a couple of weeks to hit a groove and to also accept that I wouldn't do as well in these classes as my pre-requisite classes.