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The AU/UGA Medical Partnership provides a variety of learning experiences, making extensive use of small group learning supplemented by large group interactive lectures.  Material from disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology and microbiology are integrated and presented in a clinical context, helping students to learn the basic sciences in a way that more closely mirrors how they will one day need to think through their patients' medical issues.

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Leslie Petch Lee

Campus Associate Dean for Campus Integration and Academic Enhancement, AU/UGA Medical PartnershipDirector of Phase I/II Curriculum, AU/UGA Medical Partnership

Winnie Davis Hall, 106

Lynn Doster

Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, AU/UGA Medical Partnership

Winnie Davis Hall, 104

Amber Ramsey

Administrative Assistant II,

Winnie Davis Hall, 103

Hugs & high-fives

The first two years of medical school are an intensely shared experience between classmates. They peek into each other's ears, poke and prode each other bones, and draw each other’s blood. They share daily routines, late nights, and weekends.  It's no wonder that they also celebrate their achievements and honor each other's accomplishments with hugs and high-fives.