Special Site Instructions & Forms

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  • Barrow Regional Medical Center

    If you are going to be rotating in Winder during your Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Surgery clerkship, you need to get the following forms turned in as soon as possible. You will also need to set up an orientation with Eunice Williams before your first day rotating at Barrow Regional. Make sure you've completed the drug screening as well.

    You need a 10-panel drug screening completed and should fax all of your information to Eunice Williams and Andrea Horsman.

    Eunice Williams
    Medical Staff Services
    Barrow Regional Medical Center
    316 North Broad Street, Winder, GA 30680
    Phone: 770-307-5370
    Fax: 770-307-5339 (notice new fax #)


  • Clearview Medical Center

    These are required forms for students doing their rotations at Clearview Medical Center. Review and fill out the forms and then submit them to Christina Monsrud. We will send your drug screen. Contact Christina McCorkle to schedule your orientation. Her information is listed below:

    Christina Monsrud
    Medical Staff Coordinator
    Clearview Regional Medical Center
    2151 W. Spring Street, Monroe, GA 30655
    Office 770-267-1852
    Fax 770-267-1888
    E-mail: christina.monsrud@hma.com 


    Please note that the regulations at Clearview dictate that you will be allowed to follow patients with your preceptor, but you will not be allowed to access medical records unsupervised and you will not receive an access badge. Please let Christina know if you have any questions regarding this.

  • Northridge Medical Center

    Northridge Medical Center requires (but does not collect) a PPD, Background Check and Drug Screening. 

    Please contact Linda Overbee to set up an appointment to watch an orientation video. Ms. Overbee can be reached by e-mail (loverbee@northridgemc.com)  or by phone (706-335-1167). 

  • FMPC: Course Forms

    These forms are required for your Family Medicine rotation. Please submit them to Dr. Suzanne Lester at the end of the rotation:

    FMPC Checklist

    FMPC Site Evaluation

    FMPC Mid-Rotation evaluation

    FMPC Home Visits

    FMPC Patient Log

  • FMPC: Habersham Family Medicine

    Lead Preceptor:  Donald Fordham, MD
    Habersham Family Medicine
    865 Austin Drive
    Demorest, GA 30535

    What to do prior to your rotation:  If you need housing for this rotation please contact the Foothills AHEC as soon as possible to reserve housing.  Housing is provided by Habersham Medical Center and Foothills AHEC. The housing is co-ed. Housing is provided on a first come, first serve basis and is not guaranteed.

    All students completing a rotation at this site will need to check-in at Habersham Medical Center Medical Staff Affairs to receive a background check and ID badge (you may use your school badge).  Please be sure your immunization record is up to date with a current PPD. You will complete a brief orientation at the hospital as well. Please contact Wanda Perry if you have questions, wperry@hcmcmed.org

    As of November 1, 2012 all medical staff physicians, students, employees and mid-level providers must have proof that they have received the flu vaccine.  If not, they will be required to wear a mask within the hospital at ALL times. If you get the vaccine from a source other than HMC.... please note that we will need documentation that the flu vaccine has been received. Please send to Wanda Perry prior to your rotation.

    Rotation/Site Contact:

    Please contact Dr. Fordham to set up your arrival time.  

    Ashley Carter
    Preceptor Coordinator
    Foothills Area Health Education Center
    Phone 770-219-8130

    Site Information:

    Dr. Fordham received his medical degree from Alabama School of Medicine and completed his residency at Self Regional Healthcare in Greenwood, SC.

    Check Out:  Please return all borrowed items such as keys, name badge, etc. to the site at the end of your rotation.  Grades will be held until all items are returned.

  • OBGN: Forms & Information

    The following rubrics and documents contain helpful information for your OBGYN rotation. All assignments are due to Dr. Cheves by the end of the rotation:

    Breast Exam

    Pelvic Exam

    Obstetric and Gynecologic H&Ps

    Mid-Rotation Feedback

    Required Diagnoses

    Friedmans Curve

    JWS Survival Guide

    Free Knot-Tying Kits- Dr. Cheve recommends that each student get a knot-tying kit to practice for the OB/GYN (and surgery) rotation.

  • PEDS: Forms

  • PEDS: Oconee Pediatrics


    Dr. David Sprayberry
    Dr. Carrie Kelly
    Dr. Tresa Chappell


    Our office: We are located at 1020 Twelve Oaks Place in Watkinsville. When you get to the building you will enter through the door facing away from the main road (the door faces a parking lot). You can park anywhere in the parking lot. The phone number (back line) to the office is available on D2L. We would like you to be here everyday from 9-5. Occasionally we may be here a little past 5, so be prepared for that. Our lunch is usually from about 1-2. There may be some schedule changes here and there, but we will let you know about those when the time comes. You will not be on call for our office after hours. Please call if you are going to be late or are having any issues you need to let us know about. The office manager’s name is Lisa Anderson. You can speak with her if the doctors are unavailable. Your space: Of course, you will be with the doctors mostly, but we do have a small desk area for you with a computer and a phone. It will give you a place to be able to look up anything you need to.
    This area: We are very near an area with several fast food and regular restaurants. There is a Publix nearby. The downtown area of Watkinsville is about a 5 minute drive. There isn’t anything within walking distance to eat, but you can drive to several places in just a few minutes.
    General: Our office is a very relaxed environment but can sometimes be busy, so make sure to wear comfortable, appropriate shoes. We would like you to dress in professional (business casual) attire, but we do not expect you to wear a suit or your white coat if you don’t want to, since we are a pediatric office. None of the doctors wear their white coats. We will be posting your picture and name in the office so the patients will know your face. There will be occasions when the patient may prefer to speak with just the doctors, and in those cases we will have something for you to work on. One of the doctors will treat you to lunch the first day, but other than that we would recommend either bringing or buying a lunch. Occasionally we have drug rep lunches and you will be included in those. Please know that you can come to us if you are having any issues at any time.
    Expectations: We expect you to behave in a professional and kind manner at all times. We will be following the goals and objectives laid out by AU. We will work with you to help you achieve these goals, but we do expect you to put forth a strong effort as well. We will start with presentations in our offices and will proceed to you presenting the case to us in the room with the patient. We will discuss further more specific goals as the rotation proceeds, including a few very short presentations on interesting subjects. We expect you to be involved with every aspect of patient care, so to better prepare you for being a physician. By the end of the rotation, we will hopefully have helped you be more proficient in gathering information, formulating differential diagnoses, and proposing plans. We also will work on demonstrating competency in advanced elicitation of history, communication, physical exam, and critical thinking skills.
    Documentation: You will be documenting the review of systems and the past medical history, social history, and family history in the charts (starting after the first few days). We still have paper charts here. We will have you document full visits as well, just not in the actual chart.
    Evaluations: We will be giving you feedback throughout the rotation, but there will also be formal evaluations at the midpoint and at the end of your rotations. We will show you a copy of these evaluations so you can know what we will be looking for. We are looking forward to you joining us here for your pediatric rotation!

  • PEDS: Medlink-Winder Rotation

    Medlink Winder Pediatrics Rotation Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Medlink?

    MedLink Georgia is a Community Health Center that not only treats illness, but also provides preventive services to keep patients well. We coordinate with other local health care and social service providers – both public and private – to serve the needs of each individual and address broad community issues.  MedLink Georgia is an important part of the network of community-based health centers making a difference in the lives of more than 358,000 Georgians each year. There are locations in Bowman, Clayton, Colbert, Gainesville, Hartwell, Homer, Lexington, Royston, Washington, and Winder.  MedLink was founded in 1976. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life in our communities by providing accessible, affordable primary healthcare and related services effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.  Our sites are community practices, serving everyone from newborns to the elderly, including those with commerical and public insurance, as well as those without insurance. We accept Medicare, Medicaid – including Amerigroup, PeachState, and WellCare-, PeachCare, Most Major Insurance, State Health Benefit Plans, and offer payment on a sliding fee schedule.

    How do I get to Medlink in Winder?

    Our office is located at 122 West Athens Street in Winder.  From Athens, take University Parkway towards Atlanta.  Turn right on Hog Mountain Road.  About 2 miles down, turn left on Atlanta Highway and take this into Winder.  Turn right onto Broad Street (Mcdonalds, CVS, Walgreens on corner), go over the railroad tracks and turn left onto Athens Street.  Go thru the next light.  Medlink will be on the left, just past Sanders Furniture and across from Johnny’s Pizza.

    Parking is available in the lower lot of Sanders Furniture.  With directions above you would turn on North Beulah Street (the street before Sanders Furniture) and parking will be on right, before you cross the railroad tracks.

    Where should I report on my first day?

    When arriving at clinic the first time, please report to the front desk and tell them that you are a medical student starting your rotation with Pediatrics.

    What time should I arrive each day?

    Clinic starts at 8:15 each day.

    Who will I work with?

    You will be spending the majority of your time with Drs. Smith and McCusker.  You may spend time with our medical assistants, Cheryl and Marisol, in order to learn vaccine administration, hearing/vision screens, etc.

    What are the expectations for daily work?

    For sick patients or recheck patients, you will be expected to see the patient and present a concise history and physical to the attending.  You will be expected to formulate a differential diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient you see.  You may be performing limited documentation in the electronic medical record once training is complete.

    For well child checks, you will be expected to understand and evaluate for developmental milestones.   You should understand anticipatory guidance at the varying ages and help parents understand the expected needs for their child at any age.  You may perform a lot of the documentation on the computer system for the history information including past medical history, social history, and family history.

    You will be expected to dress and act professionally.  You are expected to show respect to all individuals you come in contact with while working at our practice.  You should show interest.  Please take any opportunity to ask questions regarding your learning.  You may be asked on occasion to present a short topic – do not stress out about it.  This is a great learning tool for everyone.

    You will have time each week to read, study, complete CLIPP case, review online course materials, complete patient logs, etc that will supplement your learning.

    Will I write notes and orders?

    Once your computer training is complete, you will be able to perform limited documentation in the electronic record.  Please document only what you are confident about – all other documentation should be left to other staff or the attending physician.  Documentation should be accurate but concise.  You will be provided paper forms for the History of present illness, developmental screening, and physical exam in order to help you in your presentation.  You will not be placing orders in the computer system, but you should have a plan ready when presenting to the attending.

    Who can I contact with any further questions?

    Please feel free to call Dr. McCusker at 706-631-3144 or our interim office manager – Tanya Ostroski– at 404-543-5027 (email TOstroski@medlinkga.org) with any questions that you need answered before your arrival.  

  • PSRY: Forms

  • PSRY: Advantage Behavioral Health Services

    The following documents are all necessary for your rotation with Advantage Behavioral Health Services. Please read through each document and fill out the appropriate forms before you arrive after orientation. They are on a tight schedule so it is important and professional to arrive prepared. You will bring your forms to the front desk and ask for Grace Matthews. 

    ABHS Quality Assurance Manual

    About Athens Behavioral 

    ABHS Schedule & Addresses

    Student Volunteer Application

  • PSRY: Viewpoint Mental Health

    Students report to the Dekalb office and meet with Dr. Metzger on the first day. The addresses are located below:

    ACT TEAM & Outpatient Center
    175 Gwinnett Drive Suite 360(ACT)   
    1st floor (Outpt.)
    Lawrenceville, GA  30046      
    PH.  678-209-2337(ACT)
    Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)
    615 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road
    Lawrenceville, GA  30045          
    PH. 678-209-2460
    GRAN Recovery Center
    215 Kirkland Road
    Covington, GA  30016        
    PH. 678-209-2770
    Beacon Place
    595-B Old Norcross Road
    Lawrenceville, GA 30045  
    PH. 678-209-2480
    Norcross Center
    5030 Georgia Belle Court Suite 2036
    Norcross, Ga.  30093          
    PH.  678-209-2745 or 2600
  • SURG: Vascular Service Student Guidelines

    Vascular Surgery Student Guidelines

    Schedule:  Medical student will rotate with Red team (Drs. Sailors and Everett) on even numbered Months and on the Blue Team (Drs. Woody and Pearce) on odd numbered months. If there are two students, each team will have a student that month.










    Angio Suite


    ad lib






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    ad lib


    The student should plan on being in the OR two days a week and Clinic two days a week.

    If cases finish early, the student is free to go to the angiosuite or seek out other ongoing off service cases in the operating room.

    Patient Care:  You will round with the attending for a week at a time. Rounding weeks are alphabetical by surgeon. For example, the first and third weeks of the rotation on Red team will be with Dr. Everett and the second and fourth weeks will be with Dr. Sailors. Blue team first and third week of rounds will be with Dr. Pearce, second and fourth weeks with Dr. Woody.

    Round on patients you operate on. You should carry 1-3 inpatients at all times. You should see your patients, write a S.O.A.P. note and be prepared to present your patients on rounds.

    Call: Red team call days are either Monday or Wednesday. Blue team calls are either Tuesday or Thursday. Call the surgeon and let them know you are on call.

    How to excel: As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility on the service. You get out of it what you put into it. A superb student is one who is well prepared for cases. This generally involves reading about the disease process involved, reviewing the relevant anatomy, and having a basic understanding of how the operation is conducted. In addition, a stellar student is adept at presenting a surgical patient in a concise and organized manner, and has developed an assessment and plan. Read the Resident’s Guide to Vascular Surgery (available on D2L). This is a great primer on the basics of vascular surgery including carotid disease, peripheral arterial disease, aneurysms, and venous disease.


    Office 706-549-8306