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At the Teddy Bear Clinic, the Student Government Organization pulls out all the stops to help kids feel comfortable in a healthcare setting. Whether it’s a broken tail, a missing nose, a tummy ache or just a checkup, the doctors are on hand to diagnose and treat furry patients.

Student Organizations

AU/UGA Medical Partnership students have a variety of interests and activities that they are involved in outside of medical school classes.  As the student population grows, the number of activities continue to grow and diversify.

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  • Student Ambassadors

    Medical Partnership Student Ambassadors are committed to supporting the AU/UGA Medical Partnership and assisting with student recruitment, outreach, and public service.  Ambassadors speak with individuals, groups, schools, clubs, assemblies, banquets, or similar events during the week and on weekends.  They are a group of students ranging in experience from first years to fourth years who take pride in our curriculum and our school and hope to represent the best of those to prospective students, interested parties, and the community.

    Expectations of Ambassadors

    Ambassadors serve as one of the first contacts prospective students and other guests have with the Medical Partnership, and hence serve as a front-line force in representing the campus.  Students should possess strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and public service experience.

    Each Ambassador is expected to be knowledgeable about Augusta University, the University of Georgia, and the AU/UGA Medical Partnership.  Providing tours are the primary requests made of Ambassadors.  Each Ambassador is expected to volunteer for at least one Open House in the fall, one Open House or special event in the winter and at least one weekday tour per semester.

    Ambassadors are expected to be highly energetic, enthusiastic, and devoted to the mission of the Ambassador program.


    Ambassadors must be full-time students at the Medical Partnership and in good academic standing.  Students interested in serving as an Ambassador must complete an application and interview with a current Ambassador.

    Each Ambassador is required to have an email account and access the account daily for any news or event information.  When serving as an Ambassador, students should wear a clean, pressed white coat with their official Ambassador nametag.  Members are expected to serve a four-year term, but do have the opportunity to nonrenew each August.


    There are three general meetings held each academic year, except under special circumstances.  Special meetings may be called, but members will be notified at least 48 hours in advance with the reason(s) for the additional meeting.  Meetings are scheduled by the Executive Board and the Advisors.  Officers are elected each April and serve a one-year term.


    Please email to Jennifer Adams.

  • Student Government Organization

    The Student Government Organization (SGO) was formed at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership campus to unify and better serve the Medical Partnership student body. This governmental body has initial authority to administer student activity fees within the general guidelines for the use of state funds. The organization consists of elected representatives from each class.

    The SGO promotes social and entertainment events, fund raising events and provides feedback regarding student health, student housing, parking and other student services. Most importantly, the SGO serves as a primary link between students, administration and faculty. In fact, as the Medical Partnership grows, much progress has been brought about through meaningful discussion between SGO members and the AU/UGA Medical Partnership faculty and administrators.

    Community Service Efforts

    Medical Partnership students have a passion for service and give back to the Athens community in various ways. Below is a small sampling of the wide variety of community service activities the SGO coordinates for students throughout the year.

    Dawgtoberfest: The Medical Partnership SGO has supported the UGA College of Pharmacy in their annual event "Dawgtoberfest: Rx for Good Health" since the SGO was created.  The Medical Partnership students provide a health information booth on a topic of their choice, which has included topics such as smoking cessation and sexually transmitted diseases.

    Blood Drive: The Medical Partnership typically partners with the Athens Red Cross twice a year to host a blood drive on the UGA Health Sciences campus. The drive is open to students, faculty, staff and the community.

    Teddy Bear Clinic: Typically held twice a year, Medical Partnership students provide a fun opportunity for kindergarten students to participate in an interactive doctor’s visit for their teddy bears. The purpose is to let children of the community know that going to the doctor isn’t scary and to understand some of the things the doctor would do and why. In this way, the children can experience what a doctor’s visit is like, so there isn’t so much fear and anxiety when they are sick.

    Holiday Service Project: The first and second year students gather together to collect shoeboxes, fill them with fun holiday gifts them for the entire kindergarten at Fowler Drive Elementary School in Athens. Faculty, staff, and students participate in this annual tradition.

  • American Medical Women's Association

    Women in Medicine promotes women’s health and supports members’ professional and personal development by connecting medical students with community physicians and those working in health-related fields.  In addition to regular member meetings, they host events and arrange service projects to engage the campus community in issues related to women’s health, human rights, and professional development.  The group meets at least twice and hosts three community events per semester.  Interested students of any gender are welcome and encouraged to join.

    Advisor: Dr. Amy Baldwin

  • Diversity Interest Group

    The Diversity Interest Group will support and empower minority students at the Medical Partnership. We seek to raise awareness and facilitate discussions about social context. The Diversity Interest Group intends to provide information and training workshops for working with minorities while providing community outreach to local minority and economically disadvantaged populations.

    Advisor: Dr. Hesse

  • Emergency Medicine/Wilderness Medicine Interest Group

    The aim of the Emergency Medicine/Wilderness Medicine Interest Group is to provide information and support to students interested in the specialty of emergency medicine, as well as promote the development of clinical skills needed for practicing medicine in austere wilderness environments or other areas that lack access to care.  Because the group combines two aspects of medicine, students wanting to know more about either of the subjects are encouraged to become involved.

  • Family Medicine - Pediatrics Interest Group

    The Family Medicine and Pediatrics Special Interest Group works to promote interest and awareness in the specialties of Family Medicine and Pediatrics as career options.  Membership is open to all who are interested.  Meetings are held quarterly.

    Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Lester

  • Integrative Medicine Group

    Integrative Medicine Interest Group aims to increase the knowledge of holistic healing traditions by inviting practitioners to campus and by providing experiential education to students — including but not limited to Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage and Naturopathy.   We discuss how allopathic physicians can develop an integrative medicine practice, and strive to foster nutrition and preventative medicine learning opportunities.  We promote holistic wellness amongst the Partnership community.  

    Advisor: Dr.  Amy Baldwin

  • Internal Medicine Interest Group

    The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) serves to encourage medical students to explore Internal Medicine as a potential medical profession as well as a discipline to be applied in all areas of medicine. IMIG promotes education, service, and advocacy in the realm of Internal Medicine as a career and as it relates to other areas of medicine.

    Advisor: Dr. Tom Wells

  • Medical Partnership Journal Club

    The purpose of the Medical Partnership Journal Club is to expose students to current medical literature and assist them in becoming more apt analyzers of scientific research articles.

    Advisor: Dr. Clive Slaughter

  • Medical Spanish Interest Group

    As the Spanish-speaking population in the United States and Georgia grows, there is a need for medical professionals to develop Spanish language skills and Hispanic/Latino cultural competency.  The Medical Spanish Interest Group provides resources and opportunities for members to develop clinically-related Spanish language skills.

    Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Lester

  • Sports Medicine Interest Group

    The Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) has been established to educate, inform, and foster interest among students in the field of Sports Medicine.  This group is for the benefit of all students interested or curious about Sports Medicine as a potential career field.  The group meets every four to six weeks and has guest lecturers who speak about their experience in the field of Sports Medicine, guest surgeons who explain surgical techniques and walk through procedures, and workshops where students learn physical exam skills. 

    Advisor: Dr. Brad Register

  • Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

    The Student Interest Group in Neurology will provide medical students with information about opportunities available in the field of neurology, as well as opportunities for students to participated in including discussions by neurologists, patient presentations, seminars, journal clubs, learning materials, and arranged shadowing of neurologists in the workplace.

    Advisor: Dr. Angela McSwain

  • Surgery Interest Group

    The Surgery Interest Group (SIG) seeks to provide an avenue through which any AU/UGA Medical Partnership student may learn about surgery, as well as gain, confirm, and develop a passion for the field and its various specialties. Any enrolled AU/UGA Medical Partnership student in good standing, regardless of having a stated interest in surgery or not, is invited to join the organization. Our hope is that all the participants of our events will benefit from learning more about surgery even before stepping foot in an operating room for clinical rotations, and in a fun, informative, low-stress environment.

    The SIG will primarily use experiential learning to develop and grow members’ interests in surgery. To that end, the SIG holds classes on basic surgical skills, as taught by an experienced surgeon, and also holds surgical simulations. Additionally, acknowledging the value of an array of personal insights on common questions regarding the practice of surgery, such as work/life balance, the rigor of the training process, and the daily experience of being a surgeon, the SIG invites local practicing surgeons to speak and share their personal experiences and advice. The SIG provides shadowing opportunities so that members may also be able to develop a stronger professional network with current practicing surgeons. Finally, the SIG invites credible authorities to hold information sessions on how to develop a strong application for surgical residencies. 

    Advisor: Dr. Toby Tally

Contact us for more information

Esther Mitchell

Student Affairs Professional III,

Winnie Davis Hall, Room 112

Holiday Service Project

Bringing smiles to little faces is an essential part of our training.