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Clinical Faculty Handbook

Section 1 - Faculty Appointment 

This manual is designed to allow for easy updating of processes, schedules, and procedures and offer additional teaching tips. You will find answers to some of the pragmatic issues such as “How do I access AU library resources?”; “What is the student schedule?”; “Whom do I call when I have a question or problem?” Also included are several articles on teaching and evaluation, the core curriculum for your specific specialty, and the evaluation form you will be asked to complete after each rotation.

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  • 1.1. Benefits of Becoming a Clinical Faculty Member

    As a Clinical Faculty member, you will have the opportunity to provide students an outstanding role model of professional and community involvement, and demonstrate a shared commitment to continuing education and lifelong learning.

    1. Personal Satisfaction: Contribute to the profession and shape your future colleagues.
    2. Professional Development: Develop new and existing instructor skills and strengthen your clinical skills. You will also receive CME credit & clinical faculty training through the Medical Partnership.
      • Access to, a preceptor training  website,  which will grant 14 Free CME Credits upon completion of modules
      • Expert Preceptor” designation and free ICD 10 training after completing six 90-minute training modules on the Georgia Area Health Education Center’s website
      • Category 2 CME up to 20 units for teaching
      • Category 2 CME up to 15 units for accessing online resources
    3. AU Library: Access to the Augusta Library Resources, including online journals both on and off campus.
    4. Professional Designation: As a clinical faculty member of the AU/ UGA Medical Partnership
    5. Eligible for UGA Affiliate Status: You will have the opportunity to obtain UGA affiliate status which will grant you discounted membership to the UGA Ramsey Center and Pound Hall fitness centers, UGA golf course and the UGA library. Please contact Angelina Donohue at for more information. 
  • 1.2. General Requirements of Clinical Faculty

    1. Clinical faculty must complete two out of six asynchronous modules on the GA AHEC website.
      • “Teaching, Evaluation and Feedback”
      • “Incorporating Students into a Busy Practice”
    2. Allow at least one student in your office a maximum of 3 to 9 half-days per week
      • Orient each student in your office on their first day
      • Provide feedback to student throughout their rotation
    3. Allow students to carry at least 3-5 patients in hospital at a time
      • Students should round and write notes on patients daily
      • Students are allowed to pick up patients or be on call if needed to maintain 3-5 count
    4. Designated Clinical Faculty must complete a mid-rotation and end of rotation evaluation of each student on the One45 online evaluation system.
  • 1.3. Faculty Appointment & Site Agreement Process

    To become affiliated with the Medical Partnership it is important to note that there are two sides to the process, 1. Becoming a site affiliate of the Medical Partnership by signing an affiliation agreement (MOU) with Augusta University and The University of Georgia and 2. Becoming clinical appointed as a clinical faculty member of Augusta University. Both processes occur at the same time.

    If your site is already covered under an existing agreement with the school, you will only need a clinical appointment. 

    Phase I: Our Site Clerkship Director or Clinical Chair will submit your contact information to both the Clerkship Office. 

    Phase II: Site and Faculty Information is submitted to the Business Office. 

    Site and Faculty Information
    Affiliation Agreement (MOU) Process Clinical Appointment
    Our Business Manager, Leigh Knapp will send you an e-mail regarding the affiliation agreement. Jeanette Bowman will contact you to obtain an updated CV and contact information for any physicians in the practice who would like to participate.
    Leigh Knapp will send you the hard copies of the affiliation agreement documents to sign (three copies needed).  Angelina Donohue will email each physician an appointment packet to complete and return (original signed copies must be returned). 
    The site will return all three original signed hard copies of the affiliation agreement (no photocopies). The clinical appointment will be processed by Augusta University.
    The packet will go to both AU and UGA offices to be signed. Once all three original copies have been signed by the three entities, the process is complete and you will receive a final copy. Once the clinical appointment is finalized, each physician will receive an official appointment letter from AU and a welcome packet from the school and an email from Angelina Donohue, confirming your appoinment. 
  • 1.4 CME for Clinical Teaching Instructions and Form


    Physician faculty may receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for the learning that is associated with their preparation for teaching in UME and GME.

    Types of Teaching/Learning Activities

    1. Preparing for a student/resident encounter or teaching session; developing educational materials related to case or clinical problems; developing case discussion prompting questions and information seeking
    2. Researching (with or without learner present) case materials related to presentations, clinical questions online or in journals and other text sources; literature searching; updating bibliographies; synthesizing literature
    3. Developing and refining teaching skills; participating in faculty development; reflecting on teaching encounters and undertaking improvements; developing learning/teaching plans
    4. NOT the clinical teaching activity itself (i.e., rounds, student shadowing, patient encounter, observation, resident check-out)

    Applying for CME Credits

    1. Access the CME Request Form for Clinical Teaching Preparation at the AU Continuing Education Office.
    2. Complete each section of the form. A) contact information, B) general details of preparation activity, C) brief description of preparation activity. DOWNLOAD FORM here
    3. Submit completed form to your affiliated, MCG clinical campus. (select one)
    Augusta Campus Dr. Andy Albritton
    SE Campus Dr. Kathryn Martin
    NW Campus Dr. Leonard Reeves
    AU/UGA Medical Partnership Dr. Leslie Lee
    SW Campus Dr. Granville Simmons

    Additional Details

    Documentation should be submitted no later than 30 days after completion of the activity.

    There is no cost to physician faculty to receive these credits.

    For More Information:

    Caro Cassels, M. Ed, CCC-SLP, CPP
    Director, Division of Continuing Education
    Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
    919 15th Street, FI-1066  Augusta, Georgia 30912
    Phone: 706-721-3967

  • 1.5 What is a Net ID?

    In an effort to reduce the number of usernames and passwords and to improve network security, all AU employees (paid & non-paid faculty & staff), retirees, students and residents now have a single password to login to the AU network. This login and password is your AU NetID.

    Your AU NetID is used for authentication to various services provided to faculty, staff and students at the Augusta University.

    About your NetID password

    Your AU NetID password expires every180 days. An e-mail notice from will notify you when your AU NetID password is about to expire. This email will go out 14, 7, 2 and then 1 day before your password expires.

    Request a NetID

    Please contact our Administrative Assistant, Angelina Donohue, at, if you need access to your NetID.

    Some of the services currently using the AU netID are:

    • Off-campus Library Access
    • Campus-wide E-mail
    • Desire to Learn
  • 1.6 Instructions to Change Your NetID Password

    Change Your Password from Temporary to Permanent:


    1. Go to
    2. Enter your AU username (NetID). (For example: If your AU email address is, type: johnsmith)
    3. Enter your AU temporary password (Last letter of your name (CAPITALIZED) followed by your full SSN without spaces or dashes. For example, type:S111111111
    4. Click Login
    5. Once logged-in, click "Change Password"
    6. In the "Old password" field, enter your AU temporary password.
    7. In the "New password" field, enter your new password
    8. In the "Retype password" field, retype your new password
    9. Click SUBMIT

  • 1.7 Instructions to Access Your AU Email Account


    1. Click on the following link:
    2. Enter your user name (also called NetID) and new password.  Your new email address, if you choose to use it, is:
    3. Click "Sign in" 

    Clinical faculty are not required to use the email account for communications with the Medical Partnership. However, you will be asked to change your password every 180 days. You will be notified by AU via your AU email account of this change.

  • 1.8 Instructions for AU Access to Library Services

    1. Click the following link:
    2. Once you click to access ANY of these resources you will be prompted to enter your NetID User Name and Password. Or you can start by selecting “off-campus access” under the left QUICK LINKS sidebar.
    3. If your password DOES NOT WORK: If you need help, please call the IT Help Desk at AU at 706-721-4000 to request assistance with resetting your password.