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S5: Schedules

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  • 5.1 Phase III Medical Student Rotations

    Rotation schedules change per year, but they are generally made up of twelve 4-Week Month Block Rotations and eight 6-Week Block Rotations (OB/GYN, Pediatrics and Family Medicine Rotations ONLY).

  • 5.2 General Times and Dates Phase III Medical Students Will NOT be in Your Office

    The rotation schedule provides you with dates when students will be rotating in your practice. Daily schedules should be coordinated between the attending/office staff and the student. However, there are a few instances throughout each rotation where the student will not be present in your practice.

    Holidays: There are two holidays that will fall within a rotation each academic year.

    • Thanksgiving Holiday
    • Winter Holiday
    • Spring Holidays

    First Day of Block: On most 3rd year rotations students will meet with their Site Clerkship Director at the Medical Partnership for an orientation, then report to your office/ hospital later that day for a site orientation OR report the next morning  (varies by clerkship).

    Academic Half-Days: These occur once every week at the Medical Partnership for 3rd year students and 4th year students on an Emergency Medicine rotation. This is an academic supplement to the clerkship where lectures and cases are presented. The student should still report to your office in the morning or in the afternoon (varies by clerkship).

    Last Friday of Each Block: The last Friday of each block the student will return to the Medical Partnership for their NBME Shelf Exams. They will then have a wrap-up session with their Site Clerkship Director. This Friday will complete the students’ clerkship.

    NOTE:  Other than the times listed, we will notify you when a student will not be present in the office.