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Sexual transmission of Ebola likely to impact course of outbreaks

Sexual transmission of the Ebola virus could have a major impact on the dynamics of the disease, potentially reigniting an outbreak that has been contained by public health interventions, according to research by University of Georgia ecologists just published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

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Researcher finds link between diet, surviving childhood in medieval Italy

For the past five years, the University of Georgia's Laurie Reitsema has been researching how early childhood living conditions affect individuals' health outcomes as adults.

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Alternating diet between high fat, balanced may help control obesity, study finds

Researchers at the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy have discovered that alternating between a high fat and a more nutritionally balanced diet at regular intervals may help prevent or treat obesity and its associated metabolic disorders. They published their findings recently in the journal Scientific Reports.

  • Augusta

MSN: Low, high birthweight babies at higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Researchers from Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University published a study that suggests that babies that are born with weights below or over the range of 5.5 to 8.4 pounds are more susceptible to serious health problems later in life.

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Study finds childhood fitness reduces long-term cardiovascular risks of childhood obesity

A new study from a group of international researchers has identified a potentially effective tool to reduce the long-term health risks of childhood obesity: aerobic exercise.

  • Augusta

MCG dean honored for contributions to clinical psychiatry

While considerable advances have been made in understanding the biology and treatment of schizophrenia, patients and physicians continue to face tough challenges, says the 2015-16 winner of the University of Pennsylvania Edward A. Strecker, MD Award for outstanding contributions to the field of clinical psychiatry.

  • The Augusta Chronicle

Georgia adds more residencies for new doctors

Georgia adds slots in rural, suburban areas.

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AU/UGA Medical Partnership Community Celebration and Recognition

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University Health Center awarded full accreditation

The University of Georgia’s Health Center was awarded accreditation for all services by the Joint Commission. The recognition is the second consecutive time the University Health Center received a flawless report of findings.

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AU/UGA Medical Partnership and St. Mary’s announce second class of physician residents

For the second year in its two-year history, the Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. Mary's has filled all 10 openings for its new class of medical residents. The new residents will join the 10 new physicians who began providing care at St. Mary's last year as Northeast Georgia's first-ever medical residents.