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Gifts Matter

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has projected a severe physician shortage in the United States by the year 2025. A number of factors, including population growth and the spike in the number of aging Americans, will contribute to the demand for physicians outpacing the supply. The high cost of education; dwindling federal support for teaching hospitals; a critical shortage of health care faculty; and inadequate private and public insurance reimbursement, particularly for those serving the most vulnerable and impoverished citizens, have only compounded the problem.

The state of Georgia will be among the states feeling the greatest impact of this shortage. Currently, Georgia ranks ninth in the nation for population growth but is 41st in the number of doctors per capita.

Turning Georgia's physician shortage around won't be easy, but a partnership between Augusta University - the state's only public medical school - and the University of Georgia - its largest and most comprehensive research university - is on track to educate more physicians for Georgia's future.

How You Can Help Increase Access to Public Medical Education

In 2010, the White Coat Scholarship Initiative was launched with a goal of increasing access to public medical education in Georgia.  The fundraising teams at Augusta University and the University of Georgia are working together on this critical program, and we need your help.

Among the first academic priorities of the White Coat Scholarship Initiative is to increase scholarships to attract talented students while also removing the burden of student debt, which can discourage students, especially those of limited financial means, from entering the medical profession. For those who do enter and complete medical school, high levels of student debt are a disincentive to serve in medically underserved areas or to choose specialties where the need is greatest, such as primary care. We need your help to ensure that financial obstacles don't deter students from serving a state with an urgent need for more physicians.

You can give online through the Augusta University or through the University of Georgia.

You can also learn more by contacting one of our development officers:

Ralph Alee, CFRE
MCG Associate Vice President for Major Gifts
(706) 721-7343

Kathy Bangle
UGA Senior Director for Decolpment for Constituent Programs
(706) 542-9742


Contact us for more information

Mary Kathryn Rogers

Director of Communications and External Affairs, AU/UGA Medical Partnership

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