Kathryn Harbin

Kathryn Harbin

Kathryn Harbin
Kathryn Harbin

Year at Medical Partnership

Dalton, GA

Undergrad & Year
Georgia Tech 2018

Undergrad degree

Any gap years? If so, what did you do?
1 gap year. Worked for Piedmont Atlanta Hospital as a medical assistant. (Early Professional Enrichment Program)

Specialties of interest
Pediatric Neurology

Bio: tell us about yourself
I grew up in a family of physicians and tried very hard NOT to become a doctor. But the more I learned about neurology and healthcare the more I realized how much I loved people and how my strengths really did line up well with the healthcare field. It was a scary step applying to med school, but now with 2 years completed, I have no regrets on my decision to pursue this and my decision to come to Athens! Its the perfect place to find new study spots (i.e coffee shops, botanical gardens, Art Museum) which makes studying more enjoyable and prevents fatigue as well as offering ample places to relax between studies with a hike/kayak trip, various sporting events, and top notch performing arts center.

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