Noor Hillou

Noor Hillou

Noor Hillou
Noor Hillou

Year at Medical Partnership


Undergrad Location & Graduation Year
University of Georgia 2020

Undergrad Degree

Any gap years? If so, what did you do?
I took two years off to work with survivors of gender-based violence and with doulas/birthworkers in Atlanta and DC. I did AmeriCorps for my first year, and then I worked at a public health/community organizing job focused on maternal and infant mortality in Georgia. On the side, I had a blast doing art, dancing, urban farm work, and fashion whenever I had free time, and I got to travel before I started school. I’m really thankful for my gap years and the experiences I had before I started!

Specialties of Interest
Pediatrics, OBGYN, Family Medicine, Endocrinology (Global Health)

Bio: tell us about yourself
Hi, I’m Noor! I’m Palestinian and was born in Atlanta. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Genetics and Health Disparities back in 2020. Since I was young, I developed a deep passion working with survivors, queer and trans-affirming medicine, indigenous medicine, and trauma-informed care, and I’ve wanted to integrate that into a community-centered medical career. I truly believe that medicine needs to be people-first, and centered in values of justice, advocacy, and agency/autonomy. Currently, I am an M1 and I’m really excited to experience all the opportunities available from MCG!

Outside of school, I love learning new languages, dancing, gardening, art, and going on adventures. I’ve been working on a series of books I hope to publish one day, and I love video games and reading manga. I enjoy finding alternative music spots in Atlanta or cool DJ sets!

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