Shant Ohanian

Shant Ohanian

Shant Ohanian
Shant Ohanian

Year at Medical Partnership

Brookhaven GA

Undergrad & Year
UGA, 2017

Undergrad degree
Biology and Psychology

Any gap years? If so, what did you do?
Three years! Many things, mostly laboratory science related. Some work with startups, and scribed for emergency docs

Specialties of interest
Pathology, but also getting more and more interested in primary care (internal, family medicine)

Bio: tell us about yourself
I’m someone who really likes the basic science applications in medicine- that’s what draws me to pathology. I got a lot out of the UGA psychology program because of its heavy emphasis on research methods and statistics. Basic science is fascinating to me, but I really love working with people, so it’s hard for me to not think about a primary care specialty as well. I was a late bloomer to the idea that medicine is for me, I spent most of my life thinking I would be a researcher or lab tech, but the more I worked on patient samples the more I thought about the actual patients and wanting to help them. In my free time, I am a cat dad and love to ride my bicycle and make bread (kneading dough is a great stress relief!).

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