Chism Named One of UGA’s Top 100 Student Employees

Every year in April, the University of Georgia recognizes the top 100 student workers across campus.

With over 7,000 student workers on campus, it is an extreme feat to make the top 100.

By the time the prestigious list was finalized, Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership student worker, Kyra Chism, had made the cut.

Chism works in the simulation center at the Medical Partnership, and she was nominated by Dr. Aimee Martin, campus director of simulation.

Martin said she nominated Chism for her “dedication, professionalism and innovation in her work as a laboratory assistant in the simulation center.”

“She has been instrumental in improving the realism of the sim scenarios with her work creating make up and finding props for the manikins to make them look older/younger, have wounds, sweat, etc. She also learned how to program them and made one of the manikins introduce himself at the SimWeek self-guided tour,” said Martin.

Chism is a senior at UGA majoring in genetics, and she plans to attend medical school to become a surgeon. Chism said she was grateful to Martin not only for the nomination, but also for guiding her as she enters the healthcare world.

“To Dr. Martin, I want to say the biggest thank you,” said Chism. “One, for nominating me, but even more so for being a mentor to me. There is so much thought and preparation that is needed to pursue a career as a physician, and I have already begun to recognize how difficult and long of a journey I have ahead of me. Dr. Martin has offered me words of encouragement, listened to my struggles, given me advice, and made me realize that I am more than capable of taking on challenges. I have so much respect for Dr. Martin and being recognized by her means more to me than the award itself. I am so thankful to be a student assistant under someone as amazing as Dr. Martin and I can’t wait to follow in her footsteps.”

Chism and her fellow award winners were recognized at a ceremony at the Tate Student Center. The awards ceremony is orchestrated by the UGA Career Center and always takes place during National Student Employment Week—a week devoted to honoring students who are working while attending college.

“Getting this award really made me feel seen and like my contributions to the sim center have been beneficial and truly appreciated,” said Chism. “I have absolutely loved working in the sim center and have learned so much. As a pre-med undergraduate student, I have been able to get a glimpse into the training environment of becoming a physician, and it has further solidified my decision to pursue this field. Working in the sim center has been nothing short of a once in a lifetime experience for me. I have been exposed to so many different aspects of what it takes to become a physician and have picked up on a few skills that I believe will set me ahead of the game in the future. Along with knowledge about medicine, I have learned so much about myself and what makes me excited about medicine.”

Chism, left, at work during Healthcare Simulation Week with Dr. Aimee Martin and Sarah Gibbs.

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