Staggering COVID-19 Statistic: 98% to 99% of Americans Dying are Unvaccinated

If you have decided to not get vaccinated against COVID-19, a new data analysis from The Associated Press concludes you may have a higher risk of dying compared to those who have chosen to be vaccinated.

The analysis was released in May of 2021 and looks at COVID-19 related deaths in vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals—only .8% (150) of vaccinated people accounted for the 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May.

With this staggering statistic, Andy Slavitt, a former adviser to the Biden administration on COVID-19 suggested that 98% to 99% of the Americans dying of the coronavirus are unvaccinated.

“The pandemic is not over,” said Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership Campus Dean Dr. Shelley Nuss. “I strongly advise everyone to consider getting a vaccine and to discuss this with their health care provider. Cases are rising throughout the United States in large part due to the particularly virulent delta strain.”

The state of Georgia itself has seen a surge cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in recent weeks. The daily average of cases on July 26 stood around 2,002 per day, 1,417 hospitalizations per day, and nine deaths per day. All statistics are the largest numbers the state has seen since January and February of 2021.

“Data has shown that nearly all individuals with severe illness, hospitalization or death from COVID-19 have been in unvaccinated individuals” said Nuss.

As of Monday, July 26, only 38% of Georgians are fully vaccinated, which is well below the national vaccination average of 49.7%.  New COVID-19 cases are surging where vaccination rates are low.

According to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the vaccine is so effective that “nearly every death, especially among adults, due to COVID-19, is, at this point, entirely preventable.” She called such deaths “particularly tragic.”

As of July 22, 339.8 million vaccine doses have been administered—56.4% of the total U.S. population, have received at least one dose of vaccine, and 48.8% of have been fully vaccinated.

Experts are hoping this staggering number of one-sided fatalities will be the wake-up call for more Americans to get vaccinated.

“The best way to protect ourselves and others is to get vaccinated by one of the currently available vaccines,” said Nuss. “Vaccines are now readily available at local grocery stores and pharmacies. Lastly, the UGA University Health Center also offers vaccines to its employees and students free of charge.”

(L-R) Second year Medical Partnership student David Kang gives a COVID-19 vaccine to patient Jane Thompson at the Department of Public Health Northeast Health District COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Drive Through Site.

Vaccine Administration Statistics as of July 22

Vaccines Administered

People who received at least one dose

People who are fully vaccinated*

Percentage of the US population that has received at least one dose

Percentage of the US population that has been fully vaccinated*

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