The AU / UGA Medical Partnership Simulation Center trains medical students and local professionals in simulation-based medical education and procedural skills.

We accomplish this through learner participation in scenarios designed to teach patient evaluation and treatment techniques, as well as team communication skills. All simulations are followed by a facilitated debriefing discussion between the instructor and the learners.

Procedural skills are taught using task trainers specific to the skill being taught. Some of our training capabilities include: Airway training, Central Line Placement, Ultrasound, Arthrocentesis, Lumbar Puncture, Cricothyrotomy, and Thoracostomy.

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership Simulation Center is located on the 2nd floor of Russell Hall on the UGA Health Science Campus.

The Simulation Center includes:

  • 5 Simulation Bays
  • 1 Skills Lab
  • 1 Debriefing / Conference room
  • 9 High-fidelity Patient simulators
  • 35 task trainers
  • 7 Ultrasounds

For additional information, please visit our Pre-Simulation Tutorial

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