Hickson Kicks Off New Lectureship Series at Medical Partnership

Dr. Gerald and Becky Hickson

Dr. Gerald Hickson visited the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership in February to kick off a new lectureship series at the campus.

Hickson is the founding director of the Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy (CPPA) at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and also serves as the Joseph C. Ross Chair of Medical Education and Administration and a professor of pediatrics. Hickson received a BS from the University of Georgia and MD from Tulane University School of Medicine.

During his visit to Athens, Hickson lead the workshop “Making Medicine Kinder, Safer, and More Reliable” for second-year medical students at the Partnership. The lecture coincided with the ethics module for the M2s.

Hickson also spoke with the Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. Mary’s, Medical Partnership faculty, and the Medical Partnership’s Senior Leadership.

The workshop is the first event in the Medical Partnership’s newly established Lectureship in Professionalism in Medicine series. The new workshop series is possible thanks to a donation to the Medical Partnership from Hickson and his wife Becky.

“Professionalism is important in the pursuit of safety and making cultures of respect. Patients’ families want to be respected, they want to get the right care, but they want the care delivered in a way that understands their uniqueness,” said Hickson.

Hickson said lack of professionalism in medicine can lead to medical error.

“When individuals are not modeling professionalism, teams do not perform as well as they can. Slips and lapses in care delivery occur, and it can increase the probability that those we serve suffer avoidable medical and surgical outcomes,” said Hickson. “When humans combine professionalism in action, patients are in a much better place. Care delivery is much better, and we avoid things that often cause harm to others.”

“Dr. Hickson is an internationally recognized leader in the field of professionalism in medicine, and we were excited to host him as the first speaker in our new series,” said Campus Dean Shelley Nuss.

The Lectureship in Professionalism in Medicine series will feature guest speakers from across the country to visit the Athens campus to speak on professionalism within the field of medicine.

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