Medical Partnership Residents to Present Abstracts at Georgia ACP Conference

Fifteen members of the Augusta University / University of Georgia Medical Partnership Internal Medicine Residency Program, in partnership with St. Mary’s Healthcare System, have been selected to give abstract presentations at the Georgia Chapter of the American College of Physicians at the Georgia ACP conference on October 12-14 at Calloway Gardens.

The Georgia ACP takes submissions each year for abstracts. Any resident in a Georgia Internal Medicine program can submit an abstract in any of these three topics: clinical vignettes, research, and quality improvement.

All Medical Partnership residents selected for this honor completed abstracts for the clinical vignette subject. Clinical vignettes tell a patient’s story and illustrate a rare disease, important teaching point, and/or uncommon presentation of a disease.

Once the abstracts were submitted, submissions were blinded and distributed to judges. The ones with the highest scores were invited to give poster presentations at the October conference. The person with the highest score at each residency program was invited to do an oral presentation. Medical Partnership resident Rida Younus was selected for this outstanding honor.

The AU/ UGA Medical Partnership Internal Medicine Residency Program Director Dr. Achilia Morrow, said expressed her excitement for this group. “They exceeded my expectations, which were already high,” said Morrow. “I’m proud of our continued presence at this conference.”


The following residents are giving poster presentations:

Waqas Ahmad: The heart and brain of rheumatic fever
Kristina Catania: The Life Cycle of a Thumbtack
Seth Courson: Methimazole Induced Agranulocytosis in the Treatment of Graves’ Disease
Mary De Croos: Medication-Induced Hypervitaminosis A and Subsequent Elevated Serum Calcium
Zachary Di Iulio: Fusobacterium Liver Abscess in 20-year-old, Immunocompetent Male with no Risk Factors
Jane Fon-Ndikum: The Diagnostic Dilemma of Bilateral Medial Medullary infarcts
Sandeep Jalli: What’s in your weed? Cannabis Induced Sinus Arrest
Amit Koduri: Spontaneous Rupture of an Adrenal Pheochromocytoma in patient on prolonged Dual Antiplatelet Therapy (DAPT)
Robyn-Ann Lee Hing: Primary central nervous system lymphoma masking as stroke
Sarah Nuzzo: The patient may not be the only one confused: Wernicke encephalopathy presenting as bilateral sensorineural hearing loss
Caridad Padron: Abdominal Pain that Turned into a Patent Urachal Diverticulum
Meet Shah: Dialysis Disequilibrium Syndrome – A Case of Fatal Cerebral Edema.
Yousef Treki: An Interesting Case of Fulminant Necrotizing Fasciitis of the Anterior Chest Wall
Walaa Treki: Acute Cholecystitis what are the bugs that can cause it?


The resident giving an oral presentation:

Rida Younus: It’s not always non-compliance.

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