Medical Partnership’s Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. Mary’s announces first residents

The Internal Medicine Residency Program, a joint effort of the AU/UGA Medical Partnership and St. Mary’s Health Care System, is pleased to announce its first class of residents, who will begin their residency education on July 1, 2015.

The program received nearly 1,300 applications. A committee made up of Internal Medicine Residency Program faculty, along with members of the leadership from St. Mary’s and the Medical Partnership, interviewed approximately 100 candidates.

At noon on Friday, March 20, resident applicants participated in Match Day and were notified by the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) where they will pursue their medical residencies. For the first time, 10 applicants learned that they had matched with the Internal Medicine program sponsored by the AU/UGA Medical Partnership with St. Mary’s serving as the Major Participating Site.

Matching applicants to specific graduate medical education programs is the culmination of a process during which applicants participate in interviews and visits to residency programs across the country. To determine the post-graduate medical education assignments, applicants rank programs at which they would like to complete residencies, and residency programs rank the applicants. The final pairings, coordinated by NRMP, are announced at noon on the third Friday in March.

Residents are physicians who have graduated from medical school and are beginning supervised training which leads to licensure to practice medicine. During their three-year Internal Medicine residency, resident physicians practice alongside attending physicians to gain increasingly sophisticated knowledge, skills, and experience working with patients. In an Internal Medicine residency, these physicians will focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease in adults.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program Appointments for 2015 are:

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