Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Year in med school: M4

Where did you complete your undergraduate education?

University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!

Why did you choose MCG?

I grew up surrounded by a large immigrant and refugee community in Atlanta. After graduating from UGA, I spent an additional couple of years working in another underserved community, with an almost-entirely low-income, first generation, and at-risk high school population. I chose MCG to immediately start working with these patients who I had previously seen have little access to healthcare and who I had witnessed become jaded by it. I still hope to help improve healthcare access and relationships in these populations, and one of my long-term goals is to help first generation, low-income students get into medical school, as I believe they will most-effectively be able to tackle the healthcare needs of these communities in the long-run.

Why did you choose the Partnership campus?

I met the dean during an event I worked as an Arch Society member in undergrad. She invited me to meet with her at a future date, even taking me to lunch. When I came back to campus for another event during a torrential downpour, multiple faculty members kindly offered to drive me to my car. The sense of community and care for students I felt on the Health Sciences Campus was very different compared to the environment of the large schools I had attended previously, and these sentiments played a major role when I made my campus decision.

What’s your advice for someone who is interested in medical school?

Don’t try to fit the mold of the quintessential med student. Take part of the activities that make you happy, take risks in pursuing personal goals that have nothing to do with medicine, and take your time- you have your entire life to be engrossed in medicine, so feel free to do some other things you’ve always wanted to do now.

What motivated you to become a physician?

Many memories during childhood revolved around family members being in the hospital, and I remember nothing gave me quite the sense of security as when those white coats walked into my family’s rooms. I want to give my patients that same sense of security- the feeling that they’re being heard, respected, and cared for with a sincere and thoughtful plan of action.

What is a typical day for you?

Now that I’m an M4 and done with interviews, you can usually find me at Cine in the evenings or perusing through Flagpole to find a fun event!

Favorite place to eat in Athens?

Last Resort, Cali n Tito’s, and The Grit stay on rotation, along with any new spots I find on Yelp!

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