Quick Reference of Process for requesting funds

1.        Student should contact Tristan Hancock (tristanj@uga.edu) in the Office of Student Affairs to ask about travel funds.

(Note: For international travel, you must contact Tristan Hancock at least 50 days prior to your travel date.)

2.        Student will receive by email the policy that includes a form on the last page that must be completed and returned to Tristan.

3.        After the policy is signed off on and accepted, the student will receive via email the AU Travel Authorization (TA) form to complete and return PRIOR to travel.

4.        Once travel is complete, student should contact Tristan to receive via email the Travel Expense Statement form (TES). This form must be completed and returned within 10 business days after travel.

**Do not spend any money until you have reach out and heard back from Tristan Hancock approving your travel funds.


Travel Guidelines

1.        Students with financial support such as NIH, NSF, etc. should request support from those sources before applying for AU/UGA Medical Partnership student travel funds. Documentation regarding the outcome of funds requested from another source must be attached to the AU/UGA Medical Partnership Medical Student Request for Travel Funds form (You must ask Tristan Hancock for the Request for Travel Funds form)

2.        The material presented by the student must be given at a regional, national or international meeting or conference. The content/merit of the abstract, the scope/prestige of the meeting (regional, national or international), and whether the abstract has been accepted for presentation will be taken under consideration.

3.        A limit of $500.00 is placed on funds for any individual award and no student will be reimbursed more than the actual cost of the trip. If circumstances warrant, the Campus Dean has discretion to increase the amount of the award.

4.        The student must be first or second author and presenting the material in the form of a paper presented from the platform, a poster or an abstract.

5.        No more than one student will be funded for presenting the same research at the same meeting.

6.        The student submitting a request must be in good academic and professional standing.

7.        The student must be registered for ongoing professional course work during the semester of his/her travel. If a student is traveling between semesters, he/she must be registered for ongoing professional course work the semester following the travel.

8.        Approval of travel requests from a student will be limited to one award per student per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

9.        Each travel request must be submitted prior to the date of travel. This does not guarantee that travel funds will be granted.

10.  Requests for travel funds should be submitted in a timely manner.

11.  Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Campus Dean.


Travel Policy

A full list of USG travel policies can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding student travel and travel policies, reach out to Tristan Hancock (tristanj@uga.edu)

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