Implications for clinical practice from an exploratory analysis of
nutrition-focused smartphone applications

What question were you seeking to answer?

Our research asked the question, how can nutritional health apps on smartphones help physicians? What kinds of citations are present in the information presented on the apps? How can the app and citations be applied to the healthcare setting?

Why did you choose this topic?

I have always been interested in nutritional health, and this project approached nutrition from a new perspective- mobile tracking and information that is literally in the palm of your hand. I was fascinated to see what kind of diet changes these apps recommended and where the information came from.

How did you study this question? 

After deciding which apps to survey, we performed an exploratory study of the apps and created a survey to use on the apps we had chosen. The survey gave us information on the tracking, citations, goal setting, and other various aspects of each of these apps.

What did you learn through your research?

Physicians and patients can use smartphone apps to track their progress in dieting, weight loss, and healthier eating. These apps may help show physicians what patients could change to help their conditions.

Who stands to benefit from this research? 

Physicians and patients! For example: a patient with type 2 diabetes may track their eating habits and have the data ready to show the physician what kind of foods they eat on a daily basis. This data could help the physician see which areas that patient could change to decrease their blood glucose levels.

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