The Office of Student and Multicultural Affairs (OSMA) at the Medical Partnership campus includes the Campus Associate Dean of Student and Multicultural Affairs and administrative personnel who offer an array of support services for medical students including events, academic support, and personal and career counseling and referrals. The mission of the office is to assist each student with their academic, personal and professional development from first year through graduation, helping them to achieve their ultimate aspirations in medicine as a culturally competent physician. Together with the Office of Curriculum and the Office of Academic Success, OSMA oversees the academic and professional progress of every student, offering proactive, student-centered and timely support.

The OSMA works closely with the Office of Academic Success to develop individual learning and group learning strategies delivered throughout the year. Recognizing the challenges of the medical school curriculum, the OSMA has developed a proactive plan to support academic success that includes wellness activities on the UGA Health Science Campus and additional resources at the UGA Health Center. The Office of Student Affairs organizes faculty advisors, facilitates student interest groups and involvement with community service projects and supports student government, peer mentors, and student ambassadors.


We Value:

  • Respecting each student’s unique needs
  • Promoting cultural competency and an inclusive and diverse environment
  • Offering services in a responsive and timely manner with compassion and empathy
  • Serving as a student advocate both individually and collectively
  • Protecting the confidentiality and rights of every student and providing clear explanations of policies and expectations

Student Wellness Opportunities within OSMA

The Office of Student & Multicultural Affairs has multiple Student Wellness Events throughout the year. Student Wellness Events allow our students to participate in activities that will take their mind off their busy schedules and reduce stress.  Each year we poll the student body, utilizing a list of options, to learn what wellness activities they would like to participate in. In prior years, based on student feedback, we have provided: pottery classes, cooking classes, ice skating, bowling, rock climbing, yoga, classes at the UGA Ramsey Center, healthy snacks on the day of tough exams, and we have brought animal shelter puppies on campus to play with. All of which are free to our students!

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