With physician burnout levels continuously rising, the AU/UGA Medical Partnership believes it is imperative to equip our students and residents with the skillsets needed to combat burnout.

As a result, we established a program that is based on personalized and transgenerational health training and implementation programs for academic medical education and patient care. These programs include training in personalized, root-cause analysis, systems medicine models of assessment and intervention, nutrition, genomics, epigenetics, systems biology, lifestyle / integrative / functional medicine, positive psychology and neuroscience. We call this training approach an M—medical, B—behavioral and N—nutritional (and other lifestyle choices). This MBN model of comprehensive, collaborative primary care effectively addresses the escalating chronic disease burden and the potential optimization of the individual’s genetic potential.

The goal of this program is to equip next-generation physicians with the tools of personalized health for themselves and their patients to optimize personal thriving. Physicians need to be healthy themselves while providing care for their patients.

Planned outcomes are:

  1. Transformational medical educative training that will create new models of wellbeing, health and happiness for medical providers and their patients.
  2. State and national impact on chronic disease management through implementation of lifestyle / functional medicine approaches, personalized through implementation of genomics, epigenetics, root-cause analysis, systems medicine and strength-based behavioral change.

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