AU/UGA Medical Partnership students have a variety of interests and activities that they are involved in outside of medical school classes. As the student population grows, the number of activities continue to grow and diversify. Below is a listing of current student interest groups.

'Women in Medicine' Branch of the American Medical Women's Association, Inc

Women in Medicine promotes women’s health and supports members’ professional and personal development by connecting medical students with community physicians and those working in health-related fields. In addition to regular member meetings, they host events and arrange service projects to engage the campus community in issues related to women’s health, human rights, and professional development. The group meets at least twice and hosts three community events per semester. Interested students of any gender are welcome and encouraged to join.

Advisor: Dr. Amy Baldwin

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The aim of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group is to provide information and support to students interested in the specialty. The group promotes interest in the field, fosters professional growth, and connect students with practitioners of emergency medicine towards providing mentorship.

Advisor: Dr. Aimee Martin

Public Health Interest Group

The Public Health Interest Group was established in order to provide members with opportunities to develop a better understanding of public health concepts and unique sub-interests (global health, health disparities, infectious diseases) as they relate to potential future careers. The group also fosters learning from public health experts in the local Athens community and beyond.

Advisor: Dr. Howard Cohen

Radiology Interest Group

The purpose of the Radiology Interest Group is to help educate medical students in the different fields of radiology, facilitate networking between students and radiologists and to educate students on the various aspects of the specialty including lifestyle, benefits and routine procedures of different types of radiologists.

Advisor: Dr. Brett Szymik

Medical Campus Outreach

Medical Campus Outreach is a group that exists to glorify God by training a new generation of healthcare providers to bring the healing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through healthcare.

Advisor: Dr. Lee Rawlings

Medical Ethics Group

The Medical Ethics Group was established to promote engagement and conversation surrounding ethical issues facing the medical community. The group aims to encourage ethical decision making and facilitate discussions surrounding difficult topics while respecting participants cultural, religious and personal beliefs.

Advisor:  Dr. Clive Slaughter

Medical Association of Georiga-Medical Student Section: AU/UGA Medical Partnership Chapter

The goal of the Medical Student Section is to introduce medical students to organized medicine through exposure to and participation with the policy-making process of both the state and national legislature so as to serve as advocates for medical students, physicians, and patients through involvement with the Medical Association of Georgia and its associated organizations. The purpose of the chapter is primarily to discuss currently debated legislative issues and to encourage students to develop analytical skills retaining to organized medicine and policymaking. Students are encouraged to develop individual stances on issues and are not coerced into cohering with other member’s or affiliated organizations positions.

Mentorship in Medicine

The Mentorship in Medicine Interest Group was established to help students decide which type of medicine to practice. To facilitate a mentor / mentee relationship between doctors and medical students and to provide opportunities to students for clinical exposure prior to the clerkship years.

Advisor: Dr. Emory Patterson

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group (SIG) seeks to provide an avenue through which any AU/UGA Medical Partnership student may learn about surgery, as well as gain, confirm, and develop a passion for the field and its various specialties. The SIG will primarily use experiential learning to develop and grow members’ interests in surgery. To that end, the SIG holds classes on basic surgical skills, as taught by an experienced surgeon, and also holds surgical simulations. Additionally, acknowledging the value of an array of personal insights on common questions regarding the practice of surgery, such as work / life balance, the rigor of the training process, and the daily experience of being a surgeon, the SIG invites local practicing surgeons to speak and share their personal experiences and advice. The SIG provides shadowing opportunities so that members may also be able to develop a stronger professional network with current practicing surgeons. Finally, the SIG invites credible authorities to hold information sessions on how to develop a strong application for surgical residencies.

Advisor: Dr. Toby Tally

Family Medicine / Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group

The Family Medicine / Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group’s purpose is to educate medical students on these particular fields of primary care, including scope of practice, lifestyle and patient populations and to facilitate network development between interested students and practicing clinicians.

Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Lester

Sports Medicine Interest Group

The Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) has been established to educate, inform, and foster interest among students in the field of Sports Medicine. This group is for the benefit of all students interested or curious about Sports Medicine as a potential career field. The group meets intermittently throughout the year and has guest lecturers who speak about their experience in the field of Sports Medicine, guest surgeons who explain surgical techniques and walk through procedures, and workshops where students learn physical exam skills. The group also aims to create a platform for students and faculty to discuss current events and issues relevant to the field of sports medicine.

Advisor: Dr. Brad Register

The Society for Academic & Professional Development

The purpose of the Society for Academic and Professional Development is to assist medical students in achieving their academic and professional goals through organized inter-class mentorship in the form of student panels and discussion groups.

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Albritton

Medical Spanish Interest Group

As the Spanish-speaking population in the United States and Georgia grows, there is a need for medical professionals to develop Spanish language skills and Hispanic / Latino cultural competency. The Medical Spanish Interest Group provides resources and opportunities for members to develop clinically-related Spanish language skills.

Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Lester

Journal Club

The purpose of the Medical Partnership Journal Club is to expose students to current medical literature and assist them in becoming more apt analyzers of scientific research articles.

Advisor: Dr. Clive Slaughter

Psychiatry & Mental Health Interest Group

The psychiatry interest group aims to create an environment where interest in psychiatry and mental health will be nurtured. The group encourages the discovery of the many ways in which the knowledge of psychiatry aids in the practice of multiple fields of clinical medicine. The group advocates for student mental wellness through educational events, speakers and other recourses and connect students interested in psychiatry with mentors and mental health professionals who may further their future growth, development and career pursuits.

Advisor: Dr. Shelley Nuss

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) serves to encourage medical students to explore Internal Medicine as a potential medical profession as well as a discipline to be applied in all areas of medicine. IMIG promotes education, service, and advocacy in the realm of Internal Medicine as a career and as it relates to other areas of medicine.

Advisor: Dr. Mary Bond

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The Student Interest Group in Neurology helps to make medical students more aware about opportunities available in the field. The group aims to further neurologic knowledge and to provide an avenue for students to participate in activities related to neurology including: discussions led by neurologists, clinical patient presentations, seminars, journal clubs, learning materials, and arranged shadowing opportunities. The group also fosters introduction of neurology to children in k-12 classrooms.

Advisor: Dr. Eve Gallman

People of the Partnership

The purpose of this organization is to foster respectful understanding of cultural, gender, racial, religious and sexual diversity among the students of the Medical Partnership. The organization works to develop and support opportunities to discuss cultural and lifestyle similarities and differences that result from varied life experiences of the student population. The group’s overall goal is to reduce barriers between students, create camaraderie on the campus, and enhance mutual understanding and respect.

Pediatrics Interest Group

The purpose of the Pediatrics Interest Group is to facilitate early learning opportunities in pediatric medicine, including general pediatrics and all subspecialties. Events are organized to help students learn about and discuss various aspects of pediatric care, including epidemiology, patient care guidelines and ethics.

Advisor: Dr. Julie Martin

The Gunners Health & Fitness Interest Group

The aim of the GUNners Health and Fitness Interest Group is to facilitate physical and mental wellness in the medical student community, including fitness programming and talks about mental health, financial wellbeing, nutrition and meditation. Events will be organized to help students learn and discuss about various aspects of physical and mental wellness.

Advisor: Dr. Leslie Lee

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