Achilia Morrow, MD

Achilia Morrow, MD

Achilia Morrow, MD
Achilia Morrow, MD

Program Director of Internal Medicine Residency
Associate Professor of Medicine

GME Suite, St. Mary’s Hospital


Honors / Awards / Achievements

Faculty Coach, Community and Population Health

Clinic Preceptor, Community Internal Medicine of Athens (residents and students)

Program Director, AU/UGA Internal Medicine Residency Program

Selected Publications

Morrow A, Baldwin A, Murrow L, Lester S. Poster presentation of innovation in medical education, “Social determinants and home visits,” Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, May 2019.

Padron C, Morrow A. Poster presentation of a clinical vignette, “Abdominal Pain that Turned into a Patent Urachal Diverticulum,” Georgia ACP, October 2018.

Brody H, Morrow A, Yunyongying P, Nikolinakos P. Poster presentation of an abstract, “Survival time and duration of immunotherapy in patients with stage four non-small lung cancer in a community based practice,” National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Annual Conference, March 2018

Morrow A, White K. (2018). Medical students in clinic. In Lu LB, Barrett EP, Noronha C, Sobel HG, Tobin DG (Eds.), Leading an Academic Medical Practice (pp. 223-241). Springer International Publishing.

Morrow A, Jelinek S. (2017). Rotavirus. In Ebell M (Ed.) Essential Evidence Plus, Retrieved from

Brewer B, Jelinek S, Morrow A. Oral presentation of a clinical vignette, “Intussusception as an Etiology for Left Lower Quadrant Pain in an Adult,“ Georgia ACP, September 2017.

Freeland S, Mohanty M, Patel N, Morrow A, Jelinek S, Yunyongying P. Accepted poster presentation of an abstract, “Analysis of Emergency Department and Urgent Care Facilities Use by CIMA Patients,” Georgia ACP, September 2017.

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