The Class of 2022 Joins the Medical Partnership

The Augusta University / University of Georgia Medical Partnership recently welcomed 41 new Medical College of Georgia students to the Athens campus.

The Class of 2022 represents a wide variety of faces and backgrounds. The group is split almost perfectly with 21 male and 20 females. They hail from cities all over the world, with most coming from the state of Georgia. Thirty students from the class are from Georgia, with Marietta being the most represented city. While the rest of the students have come from cities around the United States, we also have two students who have joined us from China.

UGA is the most represented college with 19 of the new students holding an undergraduate degree from the university. Twelve students got their degree from other in-state colleges and universities—Georgia State (4) and Georgia Tech (3) were the next most represented Georgia institutions. The other 10 in the class got their education out of the state. UNC Chapel Hill topped the out-of-state numbers for the class with two students coming from this university.

While keeping up with studies and excelling in the classroom are important, they also know a school-life balance is key. The Class of 2022’s hobbies are just as unique as their backgrounds: they enjoy Harry Potter; watchingGame of Thrones; playing football; reading; going to sporting events; baking; traveling; hiking; Marvel movies; playing guitar; backpacking; going to coffee shops; going to the movies; and watching Friends.

The overall MCG 2022 class is just as diverse as the Medical Partnership campus—with over 3,100 applications, only 230 were admitted. There are 118 males and 112 females, and they come from 51 different colleges and universities. The overall GPA of the class is 3.8 with an average MCAT score of 510.7.

These distinguished and diverse students exemplify the future of healthcare in Georgia, and they are ready to face the upcoming challenges of medical school. The Class of 2022 has already survived its first few weeks, and we at the Medical Partnership ardently anticipate what they will accomplish during their first year at the Athens campus.

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