The Medical Partnership welcomes the Class of 2021

The Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership is proud to welcome 40 new Medical College of Georgia students to the Athens campus.  Out of over 3,000 applications and approximately 600 interviews, 230 students were chosen to join the MCG Class of 2021.  The group is split almost evenly with 116 men and 114 women and includes 50 under-represented identities in medicine. The overall class GPA average is 3.7 with an average MCAT score of 510.

The Class of 2021 hails from various parts of Georgia, the United States, and China. This class is a true example of why MCG is lauded as one of the top ten most diverse medical schools in the country.  Eighty percent of students have Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) backgrounds.  Seventy-five percent of students attended undergraduate college in Georgia, with additional students who are now returning to Georgia for their medical education. Over half of the class at the Medical Partnership received undergraduate education at the Augusta University, University of Georgia, Emory University, Georgia College, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Only in their second week of school, many of the students have already demonstrated a sincere interest in Athens community service and outreach.  Furthermore, there is a rich research background in this class of students that we hope will continue next summer in the Medical Scholars Program.  Despite their scholarly and philanthropic efforts, this class illustrates how to have a balanced life with various interests or hobbies.  Student-doctors within the Class of 2021 enjoy camping; swimming; hiking; photography; travel; graphic design; gaming; history; musical instruments; martial arts; gardening; kayaking; scuba diving; comedy acts; coding; engineering; golf; basketball; soccer; cooking; reading; cycling; running; yoga; art; and writing.

These distinguished and diverse students exemplify the future of healthcare in Georgia, and they are ready to face the upcoming challenges of medical school.  The Class of 2021 has already survived Week One, and we at the Medical Partnership ardently anticipate what they will accomplish during their first year at the Athens campus.

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