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Northeast Georgia is home to several progressive and expanding hospitals, which offers the opportunity to integrate the development of new residency programs with the AU/UGA Medical Partnership. The link between graduating from medical school in Georgia and practicing in Georgia is strong, so creating the opportunity for educating more physicians in Georgia is critical to meeting the state's need for more doctors.

About Us

Augusta University and the University of Georgia have partnered to create a four-year medical education program in Athens to help alleviate a statewide shortage of physicians that threatens the health of Georgians. The AU/UGA Medical Partnership combines the significant instructional and research resources of UGA, the state’s flagship land-grant research university, with the expertise of the Medical College of Georgia, AU, Georgia’s only public medical school.

First- and second-year students study basic science and clinical science in a hybrid curriculum that makes extensive use of small group learning, supplemented by large group interactive sessions. Students at the Medical Partnership have the opportunity to rotate during their third and fourth years in private practices, community clinics and hospitals across northeast Georgia. 

In addition to increasing the number of physicians in Georgia, the partnership will expand research collaborations between Augusta University and UGA, creating new insights into the prevention and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Georgia currently ranks 40th in the nation in the ratio of physicians to population. It also faces a number of health challenges, including a high infant mortality rate and high rates of obesity and heart disease. Through expanded medical education and research, the AU/UGA Medical Partnership is addressing these issues to improve the health and prosperity of our state.

Humans of the Medical Partnership

What makes the AU/UGA Medical Partnership such a special place to be?  The people who study, teach, and work here!