The Office of Personalized Health and Well-Being is a first of its kind national academic medicine training collaboration.

This para-curricular program delivers cutting-edge instruction in physician well-being and personalized health solutions to assist in the management of chronic diseases. The training is for medical students, resident physicians, and their patients.  The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated awareness of the extent to which primary care physicians are struggling with stress, burnout, and suicidality while attending to an unsustainable chronic disease burden in their patients. Advanced training in lifestyle solutions is imperative for the wellness of our physicians as well their patients.

What do we do? We engage the leading minds in lifestyle-focused medicine to develop world-class training programs accessible to academic medical centers throughout the nation.

These programs include critical training in core components of personalized, lifestyle-focused medicine, topics that are  emerging as critical topics within the nation’s academic medical centers:

  • Personalized, root-cause analysis of disease
  • Systems biology whole-person focused models of assessment and intervention
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Genomics and epigenetics
  • Contemporary, sustainable behavioral change

How do we do this?

  • The Medical Partnership has established the Office of Personalized Health and Well-being to develop and drive this training
  • We established a collaboration between the Medical Partnership and the University of Florida’s College of Medicine to develop the necessary curricular offerings for faculty, fellows, residents and medical
  • A continuing medical education certificate program in the science and practice of functional well-being has been launched for faculty and will ultimately be offered for community physicians as well.

Why are we well-positioned to be successful with this initiative?

The work, under the direction of Drs. Snapp and DeBusk, has been awarded over $8 million in federal, state, and corporate funding to develop well-being models and beta test them within various academic medicine centers. This team has decades of experience in lifestyle-focused clinical practice.

The data are clear: healthier, happier, lifestyle-trained physicians are the key to the health of patients in this era of escalating chronic and infectious disease. The time is now to train next-generation physicians in whole-person lifestyle-focused care. This team has the experience, leadership, and passion to spearhead the needed transformation of medical education and practice and welcomes the challenge.

The national collaboration develops and implements programs that:

  • Bolster personal immune system health and inner resilience, which improve the health of faculty and medical learners, from medical students to residents and fellows;
  • Meets the growing requirement from accreditation agencies to train medical learners in whole- person, lifestyle-focused care;
  • Creates supportive learning communities within academic medicine; and
  • Trains medical learners and faculty in the underlying science of promoting health and well- being as well as restoring health to those with chronic and infectious


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