Our Purpose:

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership Simulation Center promotes excellence in patient care by working collaboratively with students and educators during every level of their educational path. Offering a safe, realistic, team-centered, and interactive educational experience utilizing the latest technology to nurture growth and development of clinical proficiencies.


Advanced Learning Environment:

The Simulation Center is an integral component of experiential learning and promoting safe and proficient healthcare along the continuum of profession training and practice using:

–       High Fidelity Human Patient Simulators

–       Realistic Hospital Environment

–       Up to Date real world equipment and systems


General Information:

2022-2023 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

2020-2021 Annual Report

Visitor Directions & Information

Using Simulations in Medical Education


Student Information:

Code of Conduct

Simulation Orientation Module

Equipment Checkout


Year 1 & 2 Students:

First and Second year students can come to the Simulation Center to practice their ultrasound skills.


Year 3 & 4 Students:

Ultrasound Checkout Procedures:

To checkout an ultrasound, fill out the Ultrasound Checkout Form.  The Simulation Coordinator will contact you at the e-mail address provided on the checkout form, to confirm the request.  Please allow 1-2 business days to receive a response.  Same-day checkouts can be arranged upon availability of Simulation Center staff.

*3rd year students will be issued a Butterfly for the Academic Year

After-hours & Weekend pick-up / drop-off:

If you need to pick-up / drop-off equipment outside of normal business hours (8a – 5p), please contact the Simulation Center Coordinator.  Arrangements can be made for after-hours pick-up / drop-off.

Checkout Extensions:

If you determine that you need to extend your ultrasound checkout period, please notify the Simulation Center Coordinator.

Technical Problems with Equipment:

Butterfly IQ

If you are still experiencing issues after following the troubleshooting steps, please contact the Simulation Center Technician or the Medical Partnership IT.

Pick-up / Drop-off location:

AU/UGA Medical Partnership Simulation Center, HSC Russell Hall, 2nd Floor

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