The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development creates and implements activities and initiatives to support the advancement of Medical Partnership faculty members in all stages of their professional academic careers.

We serve and support faculty in their clinical, teaching, leadership and scholarly missions for the Medical Partnership while encouraging an environment that both retains and attracts outstanding individuals.

Faculty Affairs

Preparation for promotion and tenure

Faculty wellness, burnout prevention, and resiliency

There are a variety of resources available to faculty at the AU/UGA campus

Faculty hiring and retention


New faculty on-boarding, please contact the Business Office and Dr. Crites before arrival

Career transition support

Contact Dr. Crites

Ombudsman (including conflict resolution)

  • Contact Dr. Crites
  • The Ombudsman may serve individual faculty as a source of information, confidential advice, and assistance in resolving serious concerns involving individual faculty members and may serve as an initial point of contact for an individual faculty grievance. However, the Ombudsman does not address collective concerns of the faculty body.
  • The Ombudsman may meet with relevant administration or other faculty to assist with resolving the faculty member’s concern. In doing so, the Ombudsman will keep all information shared by the faculty member confidential unless either authorized to share by the faculty member, or ethical and legal duties compel them to disclose.
  • Mediation services are also available.

Promoting equity and diversity amongst the faculty

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership encourages a diverse, inclusive environment that is supportive of faculty, students, and staff. The OFAD collaborates with the Office of Student Affairs on our campus, and the related offices on AU’s and UGA’s respective campuses.

Faculty Development

Faculty Development Portal

Faculty Development resources such as session recordings, videos, blogs, and more are available HERE.

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