MCG Faculty recognized for teaching efforts

More than 100 faculty of the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University have been recognized with Exemplary Teaching Awards for their contributions to students and residents at the state’s medical school.

Awards for undergraduate medical education were based on the quantity of teaching (number of students taught or number of lecture hours, for example) and student evaluations. Graduate medical education awards were based on innovations or impactful contributions, and awardees were nominated by MCG department chairs.

This year’s undergraduate medical education winners and their specialties were:

Michael Brands, Physiology
Susan Brickle, Family Medicine
Paul Browne, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Janine Burgher-Jones, Family Medicine
Robert Byrne, Urology, AU-UGA Medical Partnership
Richard Cameron, Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine
Thaddeus Carson, Internal Medicine
Edward Chin, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Janis Coffin, Family Medicine
Howard J. Cohen, Infectious Diseases, AU-UGA Medical Partnership
Robert Collier, Internal Medicine
Rhonda Colombo, Infectious Diseases
Preston Conger, Cardiology
Rene Cormier, Internal Medicine
Price Corr, Surgery
Glen Dasher, Family Medicine
Mary Dement, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Matthew Diamond, Nephrology
William Dolen, Pediatric-Allergy/Immunology
Angela Duke, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Anna Edmondson, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Greer Falls, Pathology
John Fisher, Infectious Diseases
Paul Forney, Family Medicine
Dixon Freeman, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwest Campus
Virgil (Thomas) Gaddy, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Thomas Gale, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Graydon Gonsalvez, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Neil Goodman, Pediatrics
Hartmut Gross, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Jaspal Gujral, Internal Medicine
Mark Hamrick, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Rene Harper, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Ryan Harris, GA Prevention Institute
David Hess, Neurology
Monte Hunter, Orthopaedics
Chiraq Jani, Internal Medicine
David Jester, Family Medicine
Christopher Jones, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Darrell Jordan, Obstetrics & Gynecology
David Kriegel, Family Medicine
Lee LaRavia, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Bruce LeClair, Family Medicine
Sean Lynch, Family Medicine
Annamma Mammen, Family Medicine
Pamela Martin, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Dan McCollum, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Michele McMahon, Internal Med
Nancy McNair, Neurology
Paul McNeil, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Richard Melcher, Family Medicine
Namita Mohanty, Internal Med
Laura Mulloy, Nephrology
Gregg Nagle, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Robert Nesbit, Surgery
Cheryl Newman, Infectious Diseases
Carol Nichols, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Alyce Oliver, Rheumatology
William Pannell, Surgery, Southwest Campus
Jeremy Pantin, Hematology/Oncology
Richard Pawl, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
William Pearson, Cellular Biology and Anatomy
Dale Peeples, Psychiatry and Health Behavior
Allen Pelletier, Family Medicine
Jerry Pruitt, Neurology
Chadburn Ray, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Scott Richardson, Internal Medicine, AU-UGA Medical Partnership
Jose Rodriguez-Torres, Pediatrics
William Salazar, Internal Med
Ashley Saucier, Family Medicine
Rajiv Setia, Pediatrics, AU-UGA Medical Partnership
Gyanendra Sharma, Cardiology
Clive Slaughter, Biochemistry, AU-UGA Medical Partnership
Vanessa Spearman, Psychiatry & Health Behavior
Brett Szymik, Anatomy, AU-UGA Medical Partnership
Andria Thomas, Curriculum
Joshua Thomas, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
John Thornton, Cardiology
Michael Toscano, Pathology
Timothy Trulock, Surgery
Jennifer Tucker, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Jose Vazquez, Infectious Diseases
DeLoris Wenzel Hesse, Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Stephen White, Hematology/Oncology
Priscilla Woodhams, Pediatrics
Eric Zevallos, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services

This year’s graduate medical education winners and their specialties were:

Adel Abuzeid, Surgery
Styles Bertrand, Orthopaedics
Kathryn Bollinger, Ophthalmology
Manuel Castresana, Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
Janis Coffin, Family Medicine
William Davis, Surgery
Karen Draper, Surgical Oncology
David Fallaw, Internal Medicine
Richard Gordon, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalists Services
Daniel Kleven, Pathology
Kristopher Lewis, Radiology
Dion S. Macomson, Neurosurgery
Colleen McDonough, Pediatrics
Brian Miller, Psychiatry & Health Behavior
Sarah Mowry, Otolaryngology
Fenwick Nichols, Neurology
Dale Peeples, Psychiatry & Health Behavior
Bunja Rungrang, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Pasha Schafer, Cardiology
Brian Stansfield, Pediatrics
Lane Ulrich, Ophthalmology
Thad Wilkins, Family Medicine
Carlos Zayas, Nephrology


Jennifer Hilliard Scott

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