Medical Partnership Employees Honored

Medical Partnership faculty and staff gathered virtually Tuesday, April 27 to celebrate extraordinary employees for AY2019/20. Awards presented during the ceremony were: Teaching Awards, MCG Exemplary Teaching Awards, Educators of the Year, the Outstanding Staff Award, and Years of Service.


AY2019/20 Teaching Awards

Student Advisor of the Year: Exemplary academic support for students, specialty navigation and/or residency planning with students, exemplary mentorship of students

Dr. Ellen House

Excellence in Faculty Leadership Award: Established a collaborative environment for the team, used effective team management strategies, used effective project/initiative implementation strategies

Dr. Amy Baldwin

Excellence in Scholarship Award: Eligible faculty members must have shared his/her scholarship with national/international forums. Eligible types of scholarship include peer-reviewed publications, peer reviewed teaching repository, invited publications, books/book chapters, editorials, oral abstracts, and poster abstracts.

Edwin Sperr

Peer-Nominated Teaching Awards: Effective engagement of teaching methods, effective communication while teaching, effective resource selection, effectiveness of session organization

Small Group Teaching- Dr. Casey Bassett
Large Group Teaching- Dr. Thom Gaddy
Clinical Skills/Community Health Teaching/Simulation- Dr. Clive Slaughter

AY2019/20 Medical College of Georgia’s Exemplary Teaching Awards

Forty-eight Medical Partnership faculty members were honored with AY2019/20 Medical College of Georgia’s Exemplary Teaching Awards for their work with students and residents.

Undergraduate awards were based on the amount of teaching that was done (the number of students taught, or the number of hours lectured) and student evaluations. Graduate awards were based on innovations or contributions, and nominees were selected by MCG department chairs.

All of the Medical Partnership awardees were in the undergraduate category:


Years 1 & 2

Dr. Andy Albritton

Dr. Casey Bassett

Dr. Matt Boegehold

Dr. Lia Bruner

Dr. Thom Gaddy

Dr. DeLoris Wenzel Hesse

Dr. Ellen House

Dr. Thomas Howdieshell

Dr. Aimee Martin

Dr. Amy Medlock

Dr. John Norris

Dr. Scott Richardson

Dr. Don Scott

Dr. Clive Slaughter

Dr. Brett Szymik


Years 3 & 4

Dr. Ranjana Bhargava

Dr. Bill Bostock

Dr. Robert Byrne

Dr. D.J. Campbell

Dr. Jack Chen

Dr. Denise Cochran

Dr. Donald Cote

Dr. John Edry

Dr. Sharif Elkabbani

Dr. Cristina Elstad

Dr. Jeffrey English

Dr. Rebecca Fletcher

Dr. Adam French

Dr. Lara Hart

Dr. Louis Hempel

Dr. Andrew Herrin

Dr. Andrew Ke

Dr. Carrie Kelly

Dr. Ishmael Lamptey-Mills

Dr. Joash Lazarus

Dr. Brian Maloney

Dr. Robert Meyer

Dr. Kelly Montgomery

Dr. Eva Moore

Dr. Jonathan Murrow

Dr. Mohammed Obeidin

Dr. David Paulk

Dr. Priya Rudolph

Dr. Jordan Rush

Dr. Margaret Sherman

Dr. Ben Thrower

Dr. Akilah Tomingas

Dr. Gary Walton


Educators of the Year 2019 – 2020:

Selected annually every Spring by each class of students at the Medical Partnership (Spring ‘20): Each class is polled to select the Educator of the Year and the results are compiled to select the winner.

Class of 2023- Dr. DeLoris Hesse

Class of 2022- Dr. Don Scott

Class of 2021- Dr. Molly Bond

Class of 2020- Dr. Carrie Kelly


Outstanding Staff Award

Recognizes a staff member whose outstanding performance contributes to the overall success of the Medical Partnership. Awardees should: model excellence and outstanding job performance, and consistently go above and beyond their job expectations in supporting the Medical Partnership

-Adam Evans



Years of Service


10 Years of Service:

Molly Bond

Julie Gaines

DeLoris Hesse

Philip Holmes

Farris Johnson

Suzanne Lester

Shelley Nuss

Paul Peteet

Lynn Ramsey

Mike Russell

Toby Tally

Thomas Wells


5 Years of Service:

Jean Chin

Latonda Knight

Aimee Martin

Lina Millan

Abby Ward

Lela Ward



10 Years of Service:

Harvey Ouzts


5 Years of Service:

Amy Baldwin

Mark Ebell

Bryson Greenwood

Suzanne Hall

John Norris

David Paulk

James Pippim

Bill Prigge

Donald Scott

Edwin Sperr

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