Medical Partnership Represented at Georgia ACP

Nine members of the Augusta University / University of Georgia Medical Partnership family were honored at the Georgia Chapter of the American College of Physicians conference on October 25-27 at Chateau Elan.

Six members of the Medical Partnership Internal Medicine Residency Program were selected to give abstract presentations, and all presented posters focusing on a clinical vignette subject. Clinical vignettes tell a patient’s story and illustrate a rare disease, important teaching point, and/or uncommon presentation of a disease.

The Georgia ACP takes submissions each year for abstracts. Anyone currently who is currently a member of ACP, enrolled in a Georgia Internal Medicine program, or attending medical school in Georgia can submit an abstract based on one of three topics: clinical vignettes, research, and quality improvement. Once the abstracts are submitted, submissions are blinded and distributed to the judges. The ones with the highest scores are invited to present at the conference.

The posters of the attendees with the highest scores were invited to do an oral presentation. From the Internal Medicine Residency Program, residents Dr. Xaimarie Santiago and Dr. Jamila Pham were selected for this outstanding honor.

Dr. Pham received second place for her presentation.

The three additional attendees from the Medical Partnership were awarded for their outstanding excellence.

Matt Schwartz, a fourth-year student, won the 2019 Outstanding Medical Student in Volunteerism and Advocacy Award. The award is based on the recipient’s selfless contributions to others.

Dean Shelley Nuss was awarded the 2019 Mark Silverman Award – an award given to someone who exemplifies devotion to his or her patients as well as students, residents, and young physicians.

Dr. Tom Wells also won the Community Faculty Award.

“To be given this award is truly an honor,” said Nuss. “With three winners from our campus, I’m grateful that our work at the Medical Partnership is not going unnoticed.”

Schwartz said he was surprised he received the award.

“My involvement in the Athens community is something I do out of personal enjoyment, so to be nominated for this award was something I hadn’t ever expected,” he said.


Georgia Chapter Winners from the Medical Partnership:

Matt Schwartz – 2019 Outstanding Medical Student in Volunteerism and Advocacy Award

Dr. Shelley Nuss -2019 Mark Silverman Award

Dr. Tom Wells – 2019 Community Faculty Award


Residents who gave poster presentations:

Dr. Joshuam Ruiz Vega: “A Rare Case of Balint Syndrome”

Dr. Shabtab Khan: “Secondary Renal Amyloidosis Due to Chronic IV Drug Use”

Dr. Caridad Padron: “Unusual Presentation of Primary Hepatic Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma”

Dr. Meet Shah: “Atypical cause of recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding”


Residents who gave oral presentations:

*Dr. Jamila Pham: “Likely Adrenocortical Carcinoma in a Patient Presenting with Hypogonadism” (Won second place)

Dr. Xaimarie Santiago: “Once upon a Prion”

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