The Medical Partnership’s vision, mission & values

Over the past several months, the Medical Partnership’s faculty and staff have defined its vision, mission and values.  Through collaboration and support from our community partners, the Medical Partnership will continue to provide high quality, innovative education to our students and residents with this vision ever in mind.



The Medical Partnership will be:

Recognized as a premier medical school campus.
A leader in medical education by delivering an innovative curriculum that integrates cutting-edge technology and health informatics.
Outstanding in providing an educational environment that engages students, faculty, and staff to learn and work.
A leader in research and scholarship.

The Medical Partnership will have an unwavering commitment to educating excellent physicians, to providing outstanding health care to Georgians, to improving access to care, and to generating new knowledge relevant to human health and disease.

The mission will be accomplished by:

Making our learners our highest priority.
Providing leadership in the communities we serve.
Building strong community partnerships.
Teaching lifelong learning skills.
Hiring and retaining exceptional faculty and staff by supporting professional development.
Fostering excellence, innovation, and scholarship in education and research.
Teaching the skills necessary to practice with modern technology to meet the challenges of the 21st century practice of medicine.
Providing a catalyst for developing collaborative partnerships in clinical/translational research among AU, UGA, and Athens’ medical community investigators.

The mission is achieved through shared values:

Community engagement
Open, honest, and effective communication

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