UGA College of Pharmacy Brings Flu Shots to Medical Partnership

On Thursday, October 8, students and volunteers from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy made their way to the Health Sciences Campus to administer flu shots to Medical Partnership students, faculty, and staff.

Ashley Hannings, PharmD, Associate Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences at the College of Pharmacy, said they have been partnering with the University Health Center Pharmacy since 2013 to bring flu shots to the UGA campus and Athens community.

“Since that time, we have grown in the number of clinics and number of influenza vaccinations that are provided through the mobile clinics. Last year we administered approximately 2000 vaccines to campus and off campus partners through the program,” said Hannings.

The College of Pharmacy will be at 15 locations on UGA’s campus this year. They also will administer vaccines for Athens Clarke County and Walton County employees.

Hannings hopes this effort by the College of Pharmacy is beneficial to countless people.

“We hope that by making it convenient to receive the flu shot, that more people will get vaccinated,” said Hannings. “It also saves the participants time in that they don’t have to make a special trip to another healthcare setting to get the vaccine. In addition, the program provides great experience for our pharmacy students who receive training on immunization administration during their second year.”

Kim Bosecker, the Partnership’s Credentialing Specialist, organized the flu shot event at Medical Partnership.

“Since we are a little off the beaten path from main campus, it’s much easier for our students, staff, and faculty to get this taken care of without having to make an appointment or schedule a special trip to their doctor or the store,” said Bosecker. “Additionally, during a pandemic, it is nice to be able to come somewhere that I know what the cleaning standards, mask requirements, and other safety measures are rather hoping for the best in public.”

Fifty shots were administered this year at the Partnership.

Bosecker always get s flu shot, and she was one of the first ones in line this year.

“I get the flu shot to help reduce my risk of an easily avoidable infection,” she said. “I also do it to protect those who may be more at risk than myself or can’t get the shot for some reason. After working in both a private practice office and a major local hospital and seeing how many people get the flu each year and how bad it can get, something that takes less than two minutes to do to avoid it is the only thing that makes sense to me.”

Hannings said even with many months left in flu season, more people are being proactive considering the current COVID-19 circumstances.

“We’ve gotten additional requests for clinics, and I have encountered multiple participants at the clinics so far who were either receiving their first flu shot ever or their first one in several years,” said Hannings. “I believe the current circumstances are motivating people to get vaccinated.”

Dee Vodicka gets her flu shot from UGA College of Pharmacy student Haley Duffey.

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