AU UGA Medical Partnership Match Day Results

Fourth-year medical students at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership gathered at noon on Friday, March 21 in George Hall at the UGA Health Sciences Campus for Match Day, an event celebrating the next step in their medical careers.  Thirty-seven members of the Class of 2014 received a sealed envelope, which contained a letter revealing where they will pursue their medical residencies.

An annual event, Match Day takes place after students participated in interviews and visits to residency programs across the country.  To determine the post-graduation assignments, the students ranked hospitals where they would like to complete residencies, and hospital residency programs rank the student applicants.  The rankings are then submitted to the nonprofit organization National Resident Matching Program in Washington, D.C., which uses an algorithm which aligns the choices of the applicants with those of the residency programs.  The final pairings are announced simultaneously across the United States at noon on the third Friday in March.

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership Class of 2014 Residency Appointments are:

Hammad Aslam: PG1 Medical College of Georgia, PG1 Medicine-Preliminary; PG2 U Alabama Med Ctr, PG2 Physical Med & Rehab
Ashley Austin: Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center, Surgery-Preliminary
Paul Baker Brown: Univ, Psych Res Psychiatry
Zachary Balest: PG1 Baptist Health System, PG1 Transitional; PG2 Emory Univ SOM, PG2 Ophthalmology
Breana Berry: Georgetown Univ Hosp-DC, Pediatrics
Justin Brooten: Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr, Emergency Medicine
Anna Bunker: Duke Univ Med Ctr, Child Neurology
Alan Carnes: Medical College of Georgia, Surg-Prelim/Urology
Chelsea Chandler: UPMC Medical Education, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Porscha Dickens: North Shore-LIJ Health Sys, Psychiatry
Joseph Drwiega: U Alabama Med Ctr-Birmingham, Pathology
Cristina Elstad: Emory Univ SOM, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Cheney Fenn: U Arkansas-Little Rock, Vascular Surgery
Lum Frundi: Medical College of Georgia, Pediatrics
Aaron Goodwin: Carolinas Med Ctr, Internal Medicine
Sierra Green: U Alabama Med Ctr-Birmingham, Orthopaedic Surgery
Erik Hansen: Virginia Commonwealth U Hlth Sys, Orthopaedic Surgery
Joshua Hedrick: University of Virginia, Internal Medicine
Peter Karempelis: U Minnesota Med School, Otolaryngology
Kayla Koch: Emory Univ SOM, Pediatrics
Brett Kodish: U Connecticut School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine
Xiao Li: PG1 Medical College of Georgia, PG1 Medicine-Preliminary; PG2 Baylor Coll Med PG2, Radiology- Diagnostic
Lisa Lima: Emory Univ SOM, Pediatrics
Dylan Lovin: Johns Hopkins Hosp, Internal Medicine
Spencer Maddox: Emory Univ SOM, Internal Medicine
Amy Martin: U Louisville SOM, Medicine-Pediatrics
Brittany Martin: Self Regional Healthcare, Family Medicine
Lance McLeroy: Medical University of SC , Internal Medicine
Nitya Nair: Cincinnati Childrens Hosp MC, Pediatrics
Travis Palmer: Virginia Commonwealth U Hlth Sys, Surgery-Preliminary
Rutvi Patel: U Florida COM-Jacksonville, Emergency Medicine
Travis Smith: Denver Health Med Ctr, Emergency Medicine
Daniel Spollen: St Lukes-Bethlehem, Emergency Medicine
Rachel Taylor: Case Western/Univ Hosps Case Med Ctr, Pediatrics
Bijal Vashi: Morehouse Sch of Med ,Internal Medicine
Rachel Weaver: SUNY Upstate Med University, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Yu Zhang: Duke Univ Med Ctr, Anesthesiology

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