Bruner Named MCG’s GWIMS Designee

Dr. Lia Bruner, Assistant Professor of Medicine, has been appointed the designee for the Medical College of Georgia’s AAMC’s Group on Women in Medicine and Science. She was officially named the representative this month after MCG Dean David Hess made the request to the AAMC this summer.

In her role, Bruner plans to organize discussions, presentations, and networking events to develop a stronger sense of community within the MCG family. She also looks forward to advocating for the advancement of women and representing MCG at AAMC GWIMS events.

“Nationally, we know that women in academic medicine are promoted at lower rates than men, and the COVID-19 pandemic with closures of schools and daycare centers is having a disproportionate effect on women,” said Bruner. “We’re fortunate to have Dean Nuss and other women in leadership positions in our institution, and I want to help ensure that we’re creating a warm, supportive, creative community for women faculty.”

Bruner plans to keep the role in the upcoming years and hopes to develop a framework that can be built upon in the future.

Bruner received her MD from Harvard Medical School in 2001 before completing her residency at Boston University Medical Center in 2004.

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