Kalie Deutsch

Expected Graduation year: 2016
Hometown: Milton, Georgia


Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Arts - Neuroscience

Of Note

Vice-President of the Class of 2016, AU/UGA Medical Partnership
Honors in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, Vanderbilt University (2012)
Magna cum laude, Vanderbilt University (2012)
Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship (2010)

Why did you decide to pursue your M.D.?

I went to college thinking that I would go into research because I had always been drawn to science, especially neuroscience. I began working in a lab and really enjoyed it, but during my sophomore year, I went on a medical mission trip to Costa Rica, and I realized how fulfilling a career in medicine could be.

What is the best part of medical school (so far)?

The best part of medical school has probably been the friendships that form when you're surrounded by people with similar interests and values. Going through medical school brings people together in a way not many other things do.