Crystal Perkins

Expected Graduation year: 2019
Hometown: Buford, GA


Georgia Institute of Technology, Biology

Of Note

Highest Honor
Certificate in Biomedical Science

Why did you choose to attend the GRU/UGA Medical Partnership?

I chose the AU/UGA Medical Partnership for three main reasons: curriculum, class size, and convenience. I really appreciate the early focus on clinical cases and how the curriculum works to tie in real world experience from cases to our module lectures and clinical skills. Everything is integrated so that you are not only learning the parts, but understanding and applying concepts as a whole. I also like that class is small, which means that it fosters a collaborative environment where everyone helps each other out. And the professors all know you, there's no escape! Have a question? Just ask your professors! Most have an open door policy and are happy to address any questions you have. They want to see you succeed. They are there for you. Finally, the convenience is that Athens is only 45 minutes from my hometown. So if I ever forget anything (which is bound to happen) or just want to hang out with my family, they are just a drive away.