Courtney Raybon

Expected Graduation year: 2015
Hometown: Athens, Georgia


Berry College, Bachelor of Science - Biology

Of Note

Mercy Health Center Student Clinic Manager

Why did you choose to attend the GRU/UGA Medical Partnership?

I chose the AU/UGA Medical Partnership for several reasons. First, I was born and raised in Athens, and I love living here. Second, the aspect of small group learning was attractive to me, and I was excited to be part of a new school. Third, my parents live in Athens, and my dad teaches Clinical Skills at the Medical Partnership. I knew their encouragement and support would be helpful throughout the stressful and rigorous training of medical school. Lastly, my husband is a Georgia Tech alumnus, and I thought that living in Athens might convert him to a Georgia Bulldawg fan. This attempt has not been successful thus far, but I still have hope!