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Small group learning is a key component of the AU/UGA Medical Partnership curriculum.


  • Athens

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Our next Open House events are August 27th, September 17th, October 22nd, and December 3rd from 10:30am to 12pm....

  • Athens

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Campus tours can generally be scheduled Monday through Thursday between noon and 4 p.m. if you are unable to attend any one of the five Open House events. To schedule a tour, please contact Jennifer Adams directly at with a requested date and time....

Thank you for your interest in the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership.  With a class size of 40, the AU/UGA Medical Partnership students work with onsite basic and clinical science educators, providing students with easy access to faculty. 

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership provides a variety of learning experiences, making extensive use of small group learning supplemented by large group interactive lectures.  Material from disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology are integrated and presented in a clinical context, helping students to learn the basic sciences in a way that more closely mirrors how they will one day need to think through their patients' medical issues.  Working in small groups of four to eight students for the majority of class time fosters teamwork and, more importantly, friendship.

Medical Partnership students have access to both AU and UGA libraries and are able to utilize all study facilities available at the UGA Tate Center, Miller Learning Center, and UGA Health Sciences Campus.

Years three and four provides students with the opportunity to rotate in private practices, community clinics and hospitals across northeast Georgia.  Third year students rotate in the core disciplines of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery.  In addition, each student also has a four-week elective and a two-week rotation in Palliative Care.  In the fourth year, students complete four-week selectives in Ambulatory Medicine, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine and a Sub-internship, and participate in three, four-week electives in any discipline they choose.  Fourth-year students and their advisors work to tailor the fourth-year experience to optimally prepare for the USMLE Step 2 exams.

Home of the famed University of Georgia Bulldogs, Athens is a vibrant college town located in northeast Georgia.  The AU/UGA Medical Partnership is housed on the UGA Health Sciences Campus on the medical corridor of Prince Avenue near downtown Athens in the Normaltown district.  Athens has a thriving music and arts community, and downtown Athens is alive with a variety of entertainment venues that are suited to every musical preference.  It is also known for its creative, unique, and award-winning restaurants.  Athens is home to the Georgia Museum of Art, the State Botanical Gardens, the Classic Center, the North Oconee River Greenway, and many other attractions.

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  • Admissions

    Thank you for your interest in the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership. Below, you’ll find admissions information that relates specifically to the AU/UGA Medical Partnership. For more information, please visit the AU Medical College of Georgia - Office of Admissions.

    General Process for All Applicants

    Acceptance to the AU School of Medicine will not be determined by campus preference. All applicants applying for early or regular decision will complete one American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application and the School of Medicine secondary application. All interviews will be conducted in Augusta. Once granted an interview, applicants will be offered the opportunity to visit and tour the AU/UGA Medical Partnership. Applicants will identify their campus preference (Augusta, Athens or no preference) after they have been interviewed. Campus assignment will take campus preference into consideration; however there is no guarantee that any applicant will be assigned to his/her preferred campus.

    Regular Decision Applicants

    Accepted applicants will be notified of their campus assignment prior to matriculation.

    Early Decision Applicants

    Only Georgia residents will be considered for MCG's Early Decision Program (EDP).  Applicants must submit their American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) applications..

    To be considered for the EDP, applicants must have an MCAT score of 31 and above and a total GPA of 3.7 and above. 

    Please note that applicants applying to the Early Decision Program (EDP) should be willing to be assigned to either the Augusta Campus or the AU/UGA Medical Partnership in Athens. Campus assignment will take into consideration campus preference; however there is no guarantee that any applicant will be assigned to his/her preferred campus.

    For updated information regarding the EDO, please visit the Augusta University site:

    The Alternate list

    Applicants who serve on the alternate list will be required to notify the admissions office if s/he is willing to accept a seat at either campus. Once a campus is full, offers from the alternate list will be made only for the campus with remaining slots.


    If you are interested in visiting the AU/UGA Medical Partnership to learn more about the Admissions process and curriculum, please contact Jennifer Adams at to schedule a visit.

  • Curriculum

    The Augusta University and the University of Georgia have partnered to create a four-year medical education program in Athens to help alleviate a statewide shortage of physicians that threatens the health of Georgians.  With a class size of 40, the Medical Partnership students work with onsite basic and clinical science educators, providing students with easy access to faculty.  Working in small groups of four to eight students for the majority of class time fosters teamwork and, more importantly, friendship.

    First- and second-year students study basic and clinical science in a hybrid curriculum that makes extensive use of small group learning, supplemented by large group interactive sessions.  Previous department-based courses such as biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology are integrated and presented in the context of clinical problems to encourage a more logical sequence of learning and to highlight the clinical relevance of the basic sciences.  This helps students learn in a context that more directly applies to how they will care for patients.

    The emphasis on an integrated approach to teaching and lifelong learning begins in the first year to help students learn the structure and function of the human body as well as understand social and behavioral aspects of medicine.  It continues in the second year, which emphasizes pathophysiology and clinical decision making.  Basic science is also revisited through the clinical skills course. 

    Required and elective third- and fourth-year clerkships are available in private practices, community clinics, and hospitals. These two years involve the application of the knowledge acquired in the basic sciences and essentials of clinical medicine in a clinical setting.  The third year consists of clinical rotations in the core disciplines of medicine.  The fourth year lasts 11 months and consists of electives and selectives.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Scott Richardson, campus associate dean for curriculum, at 706-713-2180 or You can also visit the AU Medical College of Georgia Curriculum Website.

  • MD/PhD Program

    The University System of Georgia MD/PhD Program trains students in the research and clinical skills that will enable graduates to translate research findings into clinical outcomes.  This seven- to eight-year program prepares a diverse group of students who have a passion for medical research and a dedication to serving others for rewarding careers in biomedical research or in academic medicine.

    Unlike many MD/PhD programs, which adhere to a fixed entry schedule, the AU-Medical College of Georgia curriculum offers greater flexibility, allowing students to enter at various stages of their medical education. 

    Joseph Burch a 3rd year PhD student, completed his first two years of medical school at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership.  He graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.  His PhD mentor is Dr. Harry A. Dailey at the University of Georgia.

    For further information, please visit the AU MD/PhD website.

  • Accelerated MD/MPH Program

    Physicians are uniquely qualified to address important public health issues.  Those who pursue advanced training through a MPH degree are able to recognize the scope of health problems, address specific populations in need, and match resources that will protect and promote health for individuals and communities.  Doctors work in all areas of public health, including local and state health departments, federal public health agencies, community health centers, healthcare administration, academic research, not-for-profit organizations, and the private sector.

    To learn more about the Accelerated MD/MPH Program, click here.

  • MD/MBA

    Physicians work within a complex business environment that must balance human needs with financial resources and operational efficiency.  Those who pursue advanced training through an MBA degree are able to confidently understand the administrative affairs of large health organizations, effectively manage budgets and personnel, and are well-equipped to start and run an individual practice. 

    To learn more about the MD/MBA Program, click here.

  • Financial Aid

    The AU Office of Student Financial Aid assists students in financing their medical education.  Financial assistance includes loans, scholarships, and part-time employment.  Non-federal scholarships administered by AU-MCG are awarded by the School of Medicine Scholarship Committee.  The Scholarship Committee meets from January through August to select recipients.

    Financial aid for Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership students is coordinated through the AU Office of Student Financial Aid.  To apply, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at least four weeks before classes begin; sign the Master Promissory Note required for a loan, if applicable; and complete the AU Financial Aid Application.  AU uses FAFSA information to determine how much aid a student will receive.  Students are able to check their financial aid status online.

    For further information regarding financial aid, including a list of frequently asked questions, a financial aid calculator and contact information, please visit the main AU Financial Aid website.   

    For questions related to the AU/UGA Medical Partnership, please contact the Campus Office of Student and Multicultural Affairs at 706-713-2185.

  • Housing

    The University of Georgia's Health Sciences Campus is a beautiful 56-acre campus that was the former site of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps School. The campus is located at the corner of Prince Avenue and Oglethorpe Avenue near Athens Regional Medical Center and the Normaltown area. Parking on campus is available for a monthly fee and the campus is served by university and city bus routes.

    The Health Sciences Campus includes residential facilities that are designed to provide convenient and comfortable living accommodations at an affordable cost. Students from the AU/UGA Medical Partnership, graduate students from the College of Public Health and visiting scholars reside in two-bedroom townhomes on McGowan Road, two-bedroom townhomes with studies on Kenny Road and two-bedroom homes on Gilmore Circle. Each newly renovated residence features furnishings, air conditioning, high speed/wireless Internet access, cable television and window blinds. Common areas include kitchens, laundry rooms and living rooms. For more information about these options, please visit the UGA Housing website.

    Choosing to live on the Health Sciences Campus is your key to comfortable, affordable and secure on-campus living. You will be minutes away from Russell Hall, the building where medical education takes place.

    If you are a AU/UGA Medical Partnership student and are interested in HSC housing, please start here: Medical Student Registration.  Please submit the form to the UGA Housing Assignments Office by faxing it to 706-542-8595 or scanning and emailing it to Once you submit this form you will receive an email from UGA Housing with instructions for registering for housing.


    If you are interested in off-campus housing, please note that we are located in the area of town called Normaltown. There are various types of housing throughout Athens, but we do not help organize off-campus living for our students.

  • UGA Health Sciences Campus

    The UGA Health Sciences Campus was established on the site of the former Navy Supply Corps School in Athens.  The property was deeded to the University of Georgia by the U.S. Department of Education in April 2011, and the University began holding classes there in August 2012.

    The University of Georgia Health Sciences Campus accommodates two primary occupants: the UGA College of Public Health and the AU/UGA Medical Partnership.  The University takes a holistic approach to the development of the student learning community at the Health Sciences Campus, providing housing, food services, library resources, and recreational support.

  • Parking

    While visiting campus, you may use the visitor parking lot for $1/hour, or you can park in the metered parking spots across from us in Normaltown.

    As a student of the Medical Partnership, you will have the opportunity to purchase a parking pass during your Orientation. Information regarding parking options will be emailed to you as well closer to your Orientation. You should not register for parking through UGA prior to Orienation.

Contact us for more information

Esther Mitchell

Student Affairs Professional III,

Winnie Davis Hall, Room 112

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