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  • Athens

UGA dedicates Science Learning Center

The University of Georgia dedicated its 122,500-square-foot Science Learning Center Aug. 17. An estimated 10,000-12,000 students will utilize the building each day for classes in chemistry, biology, physics, ecology, math, computer science and genetics.

  • Augusta

High expression of short gene appears to contribute to destructive eye pressures in glaucoma

Too much of a short gene that normally has the tall order of helping the eye continuously clear fluid and regulate intraocular pressure appears instead to have the opposite effect and contribute to the most common form of glaucoma.

  • Augusta

The state of MCG is strong, says Dean Buckley

The medical school has a recent clean bill of health from the accrediting body for the nation’s medical schools, a student body that continues to look more like Georgia and a statewide presence that continues to build synergy and success, said Dr. Peter F. Buckley at his 2016 State of the College Address.

  • Athens

Research surge continues: UGA’s external funding jumps 14 percent in one year

Two-year gain of 21 percent brings research expenditures to record level.

  • Augusta

Treatment strategy under development has two arms to get a secure grip on cancer

Scientists have engineered a sort of biological barbell that can get inside cancer cells and do damage to two proteins that work independently and together to enable cancer’s survival and spread.

  • Athens

Open House Events

Our next Open House events are August 27th, September 17th, October 22nd, and December 3rd from 10:30am to 12pm.

  • Athens

Study: Player-on-player hits cause more serious head impacts

In football, player-vs.-player hits will likely cause more severe head impacts than other impacts, according to a new study by a University of Georgia researcher.

  • Athens

Ecologists create a framework for predicting new infectious diseases

Ecologists at the University of Georgia are leading a global effort to predict where new infectious diseases are likely to emerge. In a paper published in Ecology Letters, they describe how macroecology—the study of ecological patterns and processes across broad scales of time and space—can provide valuable insights about disease.

The Medical Partnership’s vision, mission and values

Over the past several months, the Medical Partnership's faculty and staff have defined its vision, mission and values. Through collaboration and support from our community partners, the Medical Partnership will continue to provide high quality, innovative education to our students and residents with this vision ever in mind.

  • Augusta

MCG receives full accreditation

The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, the state’s public medical school, has received full eight-year accreditation from the accrediting body for the nation’s medical schools.