Shant Ohanian

Shant Ohanian

Shant Ohanian
Shant Ohanian

Undergrad Location & Graduation Year
UGA, 2017

Year Graduated from Medical Partnership

Residency Location & Specialty
Emory Family and Preventive Medicine

Current Practice Location
Still in residency

Current bio. What are you up to?
Intern at Emory- still finding my footing. Interests include office derm /MSK/GYN procedures, preventive care, sexual health, reproductive medicine, and practice management.

Words of Wisdom
Don’t be afraid to consider every specialty under the sun. I went into med school thinking I’d be doing pathology. Don’t be afraid to dig deep with patients. They are a wealth of information but you must ask the right questions. Be generous with your time, especially as a med student. Be with your patients and your families as much as possible!

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