Student Government Organization (SGO)

SGO serves as the voice of the students at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership.

This governmental body has initial authority to administer student activity fees within the general guidelines for the use of state funds. The organization consists of elected representatives from each class.

The SGO promotes social and entertainment events, fundraising events and provides feedback regarding student health, student housing, parking and other student services. Most importantly, the SGO serves as a primary link between students, administration and faculty. Much progress has been brought about through meaningful discussion between SGO members and the AU/UGA Medical Partnership faculty and administrators.

If you are interested in participating in the SGO, please reach out to Tristan Hancock at


Student Interest Groups (SIGs)

Student organizations exist to support the overall objectives of the AU/UGA Medical Partnership. Student organizations offer individual students an opportunity to broaden their academic experience. Skills obtained through membership in student organizations serve as a valuable supplement to the formal curriculum.

Student organizations can cover a broad range of interests that include academic organizations, special medical interest groups, religious organizations, honorary societies, and international and multicultural organizations.

The list of our AY 2024-2025 SIGs will be posted here by September 2024. If you have questions regarding SIGs, contact Tristan Hancock (


Student Interest Group “Good Standing” Requirements

Requirement 1: All student organization new or renewing are required to attend the Informational Kick-Off Meeting in the beginning of the fall semester. The kick-off meeting details how organizations operate, request funds, notify events, and other related topics. It is mandatory for one of the SIG officers to attend. If you do not have an officer present, you must set-up a time with Tristan Hancock to go over the SIG details. You are not considered an official interest group until you complete this task.

Requirement 2: All student organizations must submit an event form for ALL funded and unfunded events.

Requirement 3: Be sure to submit all required registering and/or renewal documents.

Penalties for not meeting student organization “Good Standing” requirements:

  1.  In the case where a student organization does not complete a requirement, the organization will:
    • Receive an official warning letter and an updated deadline to complete the requirement.
  2. In the case where a student organization does not complete a requirement for the second time, the organization will:
    • Receive an official letter placing the organization on Probation
    • Be required to fulfill any missing requirements for prior to the end of the semester in which the probation was given
  3. In the case where a student organization does not complete a requirement for the third time or does not fulfill the requirements after Strike 2, the organization will:
    • Receive an official letter placing the organization under suspension for one full semester
    • After one full semester of suspension, the organization will have the opportunity to submit their org reactivation form to be reactivated by the incoming semester.
    • The organization may be required to attend an additional meeting with the Office of Student Affairs to review forms and provide any learning components necessary

Event Form and Reimbursement Form

BEFORE THE EVENT: If you are a part of a Student Government or Student Interest Group, you must submit an event form at least one week prior to your event. If you submit it late, we cannot guarantee your preferred event room or budget. You can find the Event Form here.

AFTER THE EVENT: After your event, you must submit an attendance list, the itemized receipt(s) showing a paid balance and transaction, the announcement/flyer, and student reimbursement form. If you do not complete this step, you will not receive reimbursement. To access the student reimbursement form, please use this link.

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