Matthew Boegehold, PhD

Matthew Boegehold, PhD

Matthew Boegehold, PhD
Matthew Boegehold, PhD

Chair of Basic Sciences
Professor of Physiology

Russell Hall 159

1425 Prince Avenue

Athens, GA 30602


Dr. Boegehold received his Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine, he joined the faculty at West Virginia University School of Medicine. At West Virginia, Dr. Boegehold established a productive, NIH-funded research program focused on the microvascular dysfunction associated with high salt intake and salt-sensitive hypertension. He also served as Founding Director of the WVU Center for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Research.

Attracted by the prospect of working with others to develop new research and educational initiatives on a new medical campus, Dr. Boegehold joined the AU/UGA Medical Partnership as Basic Sciences Chair in January 2014. In addition to his role as Basic Sciences Chair, Dr. Boegehold has also served as Interim Campus Associate Dean for Curriculum (2016-2017).

Dr. Boegehold has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has received numerous awards for his work in the field of vascular biology. He is also highly devoted to medical education, and has taught medical students for more than 25 years. In 2017 and again in 2018, Dr. Boegehold received Exemplary Teaching Awards from the Medical College of Georgia.

Selected Publications

Tang J-M, Shi N, Dong K, Brown SA, Coleman AE, Boegehold MA, Chen S. Response gene to complement 32 maintains blood pressure homeostasis by regulating -adrenergic receptor expression. Circulation Research 123: 1080-1090, 2018.

Boegehold MA, Drenjancevic I, Lombard JH. Salt, angiotensin II, superoxide, and endothelial function.  Compr Physiol 6: 215-254, 2016.

Kang LS, Masilamani SME, Boegehold MA. Juvenile growth reduces the influence of epithelial sodium channels on vascular tone in skeletal muscle arterioles.  Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol, 43: 1199-1207, 2016.

Stapleton PA, Abukabda AB, Frisbee JC, Boegehold MA, Nurkiewicz TA.  Assessment of Vascular Reactivity. In: Comprehensive Toxicology, 3rd edition, Vol. 6. Ed: Charlene A. McQueen.  Elsevier, 2016.

Grant Support

“Smad2 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Homeostasis” National Institutes of Health/NHLBI, 2016-2020, Co-investigator (P.I.: Shiyou Chen).

Educational Activities

Large Group Instruction: Phase 1, Renal / Cardiopulmonary Module

Small Group Facilitation: Phase 1

Scholarship & Research

Microvascular dysfunction associated with high salt intake and salt-sensitive hypertension

Growth-dependent changes in microvascular control

Endothelium-dependent regulation of vascular tone

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