Wine and Cheese Night: Good Cheese & Good Deeds

On Friday, April 22, the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medial Partnership will be celebrating the annual Wine and Cheese Night.

Wine and Cheese Night is a fundraiser coordinated by the M1 student government organization (SGO). The event features a wide selection of snacks, a silent auction, and music.

The event will be from 6-8 p.m. in Royar Square on the Health Sciences Campus, and all processed will go towards the Medical Partnership Mobile/Athens Free Clinic.

This Friday will be the first Wine and Cheese Night since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and Will McCormick, the M1 SGO’s event coordinator, said they are hoping to bring it back better than ever.

“Our goal this year is to bring back a great Medical Partnership tradition while also bringing in new features like keepsake wine glasses and a community partner to make it a more memorable event than ever before,” said McCormick.

The event is being sponsored by Half-Shepherd Market—a shop in Normaltown that specializes in cut-to-order cheese and charcuterie.

Half-Shepherd Market owner Fritz Gibson said it was an easy decision to sponsor Wine and Cheese Night.

“We believe healthcare is a basic human right and are proud to support efforts to improve access to it,” Gibson said.

“This year we decided to work with a community partner to try to streamline the donation process and get the Athens community involved. We approached the Half-Shepherd Market right here in Normaltown, and they generously took it from there,” said McCormick. “They have gone above and beyond to help us plan this event, and we hope this partnership can continue in coming years.”

Gibson said a wide variety of goodies will be offered to guests at the event.

“We’re offering a selection of four imported and American artisan cheeses, along with crackers and other accoutrements,” he said.

While the night will be filled with good food and conversation, the main focus of the night is to raise money for the MP Mobile/Athens Free Clinic—a clinic focused on serving a population who might not otherwise have access to healthcare.

“Ask anyone on campus about their connection to the mobile clinic and they will give you one,” said McCormick. “Every ticket sold will help the mobile clinic continue to grow and benefit Athens and our school alike.”

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